The Power Of Numerology: Calculate Your Personal Year (And What It Means For You)

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Dear Co-Creator,

Numerology is the metaphysical study of the relationship that numbers and letters have with our personality and key life events. Through numerology we can understand ourselves at a far deeper level and detect key cycles and energy patterns occurring in our lives.

Modern science has proven that everything in the universe is made up of energy vibration and numbers are no different. Every number (and letter) has its own vibration and can be seen as the building blocks of creation.


We are all uniquely identified by numbers and letters via our birth date and birth name. Our birth dates and birth names are no coincidence as it was the incarnating aspect of us (our soul) who chose these unique identifiers before we came to earth. It’s these aspects that hold the energy vibration and blueprints of our soul.

There are distinct energy vibrations which play out in our lives during different years and months, and when we understand what the characteristics of these energies are, then we can align ourselves with them much more easily and flow with the direction of our soul blueprint. When we are flowing in the same direction as our soul, magical synchronicities start to occur, doors fly open and life becomes a whole lot easier!

Like a nine-spoked karmic wheel in the sky, the energy patterns and major lessons our soul wishes for us to learn, goes around and around in cycles of 9. Each time we begin a new cycle of 9, the clock gets re-set and we align with the new forces and goals for the fresh cycle.

Any talents, lessons learnt and experience gained from the last cycle get carried over into the new energy decade, but equally any lessons not learnt get repeated again in a whole new guise, for us to become conscious of and hopefully transmute.

This is why it is so important to understand the energy themes of the years and months, so you can become aware of what is being presented to you and why.

Master Numbers

Outside of the cycle of 9 numbers sit certain numbers which are known as Master Numbers in numerology.  These Master numbers carry particularly powerful vibrations and when they are found they are not reduced down to a single digit like the other numbers are. There are different schools of thought on which numbers can be referred to as master numbers, but for me, the ones I tend to work with the most are: 11, 22 and 33.


Universal Year Number

Each Gregorian calendar year (2019, 2020 etc) has its own energy vibration. These are the themes that humanity is learning/experiencing as a collective. The universal year vibrations will be felt the strongest (compared to personal years and pinnacles).

How to calculate the universal year: Add the numbers of the relevant year together and then reduce down to a single digit (UNLESS it’s a master number) i.e. 2+0+1+9 = 12, 1+2 = 3

Personal Year Number

It’s crucial to know what your personal year is in order so that you can take advantage of the cosmic forces at play. In general, the universal year has more of an obvious impact on one’s life. However, the personal year is really important to understand, as it’s by combining the themes of BOTH yearly energies that you will understand how to be in harmony with the cosmic flow.

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How to calculate your personal year: Add the day of your birth to the calendar month of your birth, and then add that to the universal year. i.e. If your birth date is 7th June, then add 7+6 together = 13. Then, add this to the current universal year you are in, so for 2019 we are in a 3 universal year So, 13+3 = 16. 1+6 = Personal Year 7.

So now you’ve calculated your personal year number, and we know right now in 2019 we’re experiencing the collective universal year number 3. But what do these numbers actually mean? What kind of energies are associated with each number, and what themes can you expect to see playing out in your reality over the next few months? Below are some of the key words associated with each number, so you can take a look for yourself and meditate on how these may be affecting your experiences right now.  

  • 1 = Fresh start, new beginnings, lots of changes, independence, leadership, new opportunities, taking action & being courageous, moving home, personal style. Masculine energy = Creation through taking action

  • 2 = Cooperation, new friends, relationships, romantic interests, balance, emotions, intuition & psychic ability. Feminine energy = Creation through collaboration & intention

  •  3 = Creative expression, soul expansion, new ideas, looking good, being seen, being social, friendly, inner emotions. Teenager energy!

  • 4 = Hard work, discipline, organisation, learning your true identity, pushing limits, focusing on purpose, learning new skills, uplevelling. Masculine energy

  •  5 = Change, freedom, sexual exploration, travel, addictions/excess, communication, chaos, new creation. Androgynous energy

  • 6 =  Big shifts in business & finance, family, love, relationships, responsibility, alchemy, intuition, obligations, career changes, heart chakra wants to open. Mothering energy

  • 7 = Non physical vibration: spirituality, introspection, intuition, the unconscious, study, going on a pilgrimage/sacred quest, rest, DNA activations, contact with spirit guides, ascension acceleration. Seeker energy

  • 8 = Physical manifestation: money (gains and losses), reward, business, expansion, manifestation power, karmic equalizer, personal power, power struggles, digestive system and gaining weight

  • 9 = Completion, endings, energy release, sacrifice, compassion, intuition, humanitarian causes, losses, reward

Master Numbers

  • 11 = World service, divine inspiration, humanitarian pursuits, inspired teaching, spirituality and psychic abilities

  • 22 = Master Builder & Manifestor, achievement of big goals & dreams, heightened intuition, big potential, high intelligence

  • 33 = Master Teacher, imagination, optimism, effective communication, spiritual creation. Intuition is dialled up very high

There is so much more to talk about when it comes to Numerology! As well as looking at Universal and Personal month numbers, along with Universal and Personal year numbers, there’s also the Pinnacles and the lessons we learn as we move through them, the Life Path number and how this can influence our experiences and perspectives – you can probably tell I’m something of a numerology nut! This is a real passion of mine, so I hope you’ve found this introduction to understanding your personal year helpful and informative!!

Leave me a comment below and let me know - what personal year are you in? Can you see the energetic vibrations playing out in your reality? I love to hear from you :)

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