7 Steps to Transmute Your Emotional Triggers and The Shadow


Dear Fellow Traveller,

I’m aware, from talking to my friends, my clients, my family, and even experiencing myself, there are A LOT of shifts going on in the collective at the moment, and for us as individuals. A lot of triggers coming to the surface with these very powerful ascension energies that we’ve been having, so some of us are our experiencing our shadows quite a lot at the moment, and there’s quite a bit of ‘funky’ energy going around!

I wanted to talk about that and to give you some practical steps of how you can actually transmute these triggers. How you can transmute ‘the shadow’ in other words, and really find the gift which is there for you underneath – IF you’re prepared to accept that it’s YOUR OWN trigger, that you are responsible for it and accept that your soul is bringing it up for a reason.

Particularly at the moment with these intense energies we’ve been experiencing since the Summer Solstice last month, I know there have been ascension symptoms coming up for all of us. Many people are saying they are feeling particularly sensitive at the moment with all of these releases, all of these shifts coming up into consciousness and just energetically feeling sensitive. So look after yourself as you’re going through this process. When I’m feeling energetically sensitive I love to take my shoes and socks off, walk outside on the lawn and just ground! :)

plant small.jpg

Being close to nature, but also, having your bare feet on the ground, is so calming, so balancing. Particularly in this day and age where we’ll all on our phones, we’re on the internet all the time, and all that electromagnetic energy - especially for us Empaths and Starseeds, of course we’re extremely sensitive to these things.

Getting out in nature, taking your shoes and socks off, sitting down - even putting your hands into the earth, it’s really balancing, and it helps to release those electromagnetic frequencies into the earth, to rebalance and ground. Also drinking more water, flushing out that old energy – you know water is such a healing conductor. So I definitely advise more water, more grounding, and breathing through these ascension energies. When you take that deep breath in, you actually switch your system so you’re not in that fight or flight mode, and it helps you to centre again.

If you haven’t already got one, I am someone who really gets on their soapbox about having a strong energy management and protection DAILY routine in place. I hear a lot of sensitives, a lot of Empaths complaining about the energy, feeling as if they’re being assaulted by the energy, that they’re being overwhelmed by it, but often when I ask “Do you have a daily routine in place?” the answer is no. So I DEFINITELY recommend putting one in place. There’s information on this on my website, and particularly on the blog I like to share and give tips about energy management so do check that out for more tips!

But now let’s talk about triggers, and how to transmute these triggers and transmute the shadow. Because at times like this, when we are going through these very fast energies, it is an intense ride for us, and it can trigger the hell out of us in many different areas!!

So what are the conscious, spiritual steps to transmute these triggers?

I’ve broken them down into 7 steps for you. I’ve tried to make it as practical and structured as possible, to take you through and give you insight into a process that I have been using in my own life and also that I teach my clients as well: how to see what it is that your soul is wanting you to learn about, to experience, so you can release the triggers for good.

Here are my 7 steps to transmute the shadow and to release triggers.

Step One - Identify

When stuff is coming up for you, when you feel that trigger – and we all experience those triggers in different ways, some people feel it in their body, for some it’s a reaction, for some people they retreat and withdraw - but whatever it is it doesn’t feel good inside you, you feel triggered, it’s like alarm bells are going off. So the first thing to do is get conscious. Step number one is getting conscious that there is indeed a trigger going on for you.

Identify what that trigger is. Ask yourself, what am I feeling in this moment? Fear? Anger? Resentment? Low self-worth? And what is going on beneath that? Explore that, maybe journal that a little bit to help you understand and illuminate the trigger. But you actually want to NAME it – what is the trigger? That’s step number one.

Step Two - Own The Trigger

Step number two is to then own it as YOUR own trigger. To step in and take responsibility for it. Yes, there may have been external events, people, situations that have brought that trigger up in you, but it’s still your trigger. And we all view the world through a different lens, and for some people that same situation that has just triggered you, wouldn’t trigger them – it’s something that’s inside of YOU that’s wanting to come up into consciousness.

You CAN’T (and I’ve tried to do this, it doesn’t work!!) you can’t transcend, you can NOT let go of a trigger or transmute the shadow unless you have OWNED it, as being your OWN trigger. Being responsible from that perspective – it keeps you in your power as well. Otherwise you feel very much at sea, like the world is happening to you, life is happening to you, as opposed to what is ACTUALLY happening, which is that YOU are the Master Creator of your reality, and it’s your own creations, which have been created by YOU which are triggering you in that moment.

And there is often some resistance that comes with step two, owning it. But I assure you – and I have been in that place of blame myself many, many times – but that is victim mentality. If you want to continue to create the same triggers in your life, if you want to attract energy which is the same current or the same vibration as a victim frequency, then you’re setting yourself up for a more wild ride while you’re here, for sure!! So that’s step two, owning it as your personal responsibility.

Step three - Express How You Feel (Safely)

Step three is then EXPRESSING how you feel, expressing the trigger. You don’t want to hold it in, it’s not about pretending it’s not there and suppressing it – that’s when things can get very toxic, when we hold onto these things and don’t allow ourselves to express it. The trick here in step three is that you express it in a CONSCIOUS way – in a healthy, and helpful way for yourself and for other people.

So it’s not about going around attacking other people, blaming other people and trying to push your energy onto them, and it’s not about supressing it, going inwards and ignoring it – you DO need to express it, but in healthy ways.

dandilion small.jpg

And this is where things like journalling are SO powerful – writing down what it is that came up for you, identifying it and how it makes you feel – no-one is going to read it!! You could even just write swear words!! I’ve done that in the past, just a whole page of swearing – not attractive, wouldn’t particularly love other people to have seen that, but I’m sharing it with you now because it’s true, and sometimes it just helps to dispel that energy. You could even act it out, you could have a sort of ritual performance – maybe somebody has triggered you, and you could put them (mentally) in the chair opposite you, imagine they are there and just start speaking to them, tell them how it’s made you feel. RELEASE the energy in other words – don’t hold onto it. Express it.

Step four - Identify The Pattern You Need To Own

Once you’ve released that energy, it’s time to look at – what’s the reflection? What is the mirror that the universe is showing you in that moment? Particularly if you are projecting, if you feel there are others to blame in the situation.

There’s been many times in my own experience for example, with my Dad – I love him, and we have an incredible relationship these days, but we’ve been on quite a journey to get here!! And there were many times I used to look at my Dad and scream and shout and point my finger at him and call him all of these different names, and of course when I really got down to doing my Soul work, it was like - yeah these patterns I see in my Dad - they are actually IN ME!

So, what is the mirror? What do YOU need to own? What patterns do you need to own in yourself? That is very deep heart-work, to look at that.

Sometimes it’s not a direct reflection. This can be a place where people start wriggling and they say you know ‘control’ or ‘anger’ or ‘violence’ is NOT in me – sometimes it can be very much in the unconscious, we all have blind spots - so you need to go really deep with that question, “Is this something which is inside of me?” and really challenge yourself. But if it’s really not a direct reflection of something within you, it can also sometimes be about your needing to put your boundaries down – if you don’t have boundaries, you may have created this situation so you can empower yourself in some ways.

But be careful about that, because it can be too easy to go to that place and think well it is that person’s fault, and it’s just about me needing boundaries. It can be a wiggle! So look at it from both angles there, and be really honest with yourself. That’s step four, looking for the reflection, identifying – what is the universe mirroring to you?

What is the mirror? What do YOU need to own? What patterns do you need to own in yourself? That is very deep heart-work, to look at that.

Step five - Acceptance

Step number five is about ACCEPTING that lesson, insight or revelation. What is your Soul speaking to your about? It’s one thing seeing it – it’s another thing accepting it!! That’s step number five.

Step six - Heal Your Wound

After you have accepted – and it might take some time, this isn’t necessarily a 5-minute process - depending on the trigger it can take days, it can take weeks, for some people it can even take years. But step number six is once you have accepted what that insight is, you send love and compassion into the wounding to yourself first of all, for this trigger that you’ve experienced – send yourself some love.

Ariella looks like praying.keep.jpg

By giving yourself love and compassion, it helps to get these patterns and programmes unstuck, so we can release them. Some of this stuff can be quite sticky, so definitely sending love, sending compassion, helps this sticky energy to be released. Sending yourself love and compassion is step six.

Step seven - Be grateful

The final step is to send the person or situation that triggered you compassion as well. By acknowledging the important part that they have played in your life, you are releasing the contract between you, releasing the trigger between you. This person, this situation no longer needs to trigger you, because it’s ‘job done!’ By sending compassion you are actually releasing yourself, you are freeing yourself up from needing to experience this trigger time and time again.

You can look forward to more freedom at that point and have a celebration, because you’ve gone through the 7 stages of that cycle - and you’ve freed yourself by doing so!!

I really hope this helps and serves you on your Ascension Journey! <3 You can also watch the video from my live show - Ascension Talk With Ariella, where I talked about this subject - below.

If you haven’t already, you can sign up for my free show, Ascension Talk with Ariella, here: https://bit.ly/AscensionTalkwithAriella

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