Spiritual Power: Masculine Verses Feminine


I want to talk a little about the masculine and feminine powers of Creation. Particularly since the new Ray of Power (a stargate) opened up in March this year which is focused on humans reclaiming their power WITH compassion and kindness.

For a while now I've been observing a faulty programme playing out in the Spiritual Community which is creating an imbalance in the Divine Masculine & Feminine principals, I wanted to see if you've seen it too.


This is what I've observed (and also experienced myself!):

  • Person is asleep 

  • Person is heavily influenced by the patriarchal belief systems in society and becomes over polarised in the masculine

  • Person's relationships start to suffer; our self love & care gets neglected, we are overly analytical and not intuitive/creative enough - we are so busy doing that we stop being

  • Person wakes up

  • Person is heavily influenced by the matriarchal belief systems in the spiritual community and becomes overly polarised in the feminine

  • Person's physical life starts to suffer; our drive to succeed decreases (we no longer like the word 'succeed'), we can have financial problems, we become very right brained and intuitive - we are so intent on being that we stop doing


Have you spotted it playing out too?!

It's my strong belief that we need BOTH the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine working in balance & harmony inside ourselves (and in our relationships) in order for us to BE all who we've come here to BE and to DO (create) all that's in our heart to DO.

I know we speak of masculine & feminine balance in the spiritual community, but how many of us actually have it? Especially when we're on the awakening path.

It's like we've castrated the masculine. He's no longer needed and empowered to be the provider. He can't be the Divine counterpart to the feminine because he's been told he's wrong.

"That's too masculine"....we condemn it/him.

Throwing out the masculine principals of creation we learnt before we woke up and avoiding using (enlightened) physical structures such as business, marketing, social media, creating plans and setting goals, may mean that we have a greater sense of community, creativity, self love and nurture, but rarely does it mean that we get to serve in the HIGHEST way we possibly can and make the type of IMPACT that we secretly want to. 

And that's what all this is about isn't it? THE GREAT SHIFT. We listen to so many teachings about bringing heaven to Earth in the Age of Aquarius, but how can we actually DO that when so many of us have stopped CREATING and are waiting for Spirit to download the magick instead?

Physical structures like business, marketing & money don't go away when we wake up. When these structures are in the hands of the awakened ones, they serve as sacred vehicles through which our deep purpose and the love & light of the Creator can be shared with the world.


These magickal physical structures are a gift from Source to help us to shine our lights SO brightly so that the people you've come here to serve can find you. You can't do your sacred work otherwise. It's the Divine Masculine stepping forward in his leadership to ensure that the love & vision of the Feminine can be anchored into this world. 

You have a calling. It's not too late. The time is NOW. You were born to do this AND be this. 

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