MASK REMOVAL - letting go of old identities to unlock MULTIDIMENSIONAL FREEDOM

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I feel called to share with you today some thoughts on the Ascension Journey and what I call the 4-5 bridge. What I’ve been seeing with many people on the Ascension path is that they can get delayed or stuck at this point, on what I call the 4-5 bridge - or they turn back completely.

This is the stage where after going through the Soul Merge process, you’ll cross the Ascension bridge into stage 5, and you’ll step even further into embodying your Soul Blueprint. I call it the 4-5 bridge because it really is like the bridge you’re crossing to higher consciousness, to embody your Higher Divinity - but it’s also very CLEARLY a Rite of Passage.

If you think of the film the Matrix, this is the point where Neo swallowed the red pill and he decided to see how far the rabbit hole went. It’s about trusting and following your intuition - when it feels like you’re jumping off a cliff and you can’t see the bottom, and you don’t know if you’ll survive. But that’s the initiation - you are asked to step off that cliff, and when you do you realise it’s not really a cliff, it’s a pavement. And stepping stones will appear - the Divine, your Soul - has your back. You’re never alone, you’re never at risk. But your human aspect is absolutely screaming out with FEAR.

One of the aspects which is common to us all in this stretch of the Ascension Journey is the MASK REMOVAL stage. And you’ll have ALREADY been removing masks, and doing your inner work – you’ll have had to, to even get to stage 4. But at stages 4-5, things get really INTENSE. The rest has been preparing you for this - the masks that you're asked to remove as you're crossing the 4-5 bridge are HUGE!!!

For me, I was hiding behind a corporate mask, I had a different name back then, but the universe was confronting me with lots of confirmation about being an Indigo and Starseed, which I had NO IDEA about before! I received this channelled name, Ariella Indigo, and then I realised I was a hybrid - part human, part elemental, part alien! I was really asked to REMOVE the corporate mask and EMBODY Ariella Indigo. I was asked to 'come out' of the multidimensional closet, to share OPENLY who I was and what my discoveries were, what my revelations were with my community back then.

I had a lot of friends in the corporate world, people who were NOT into spirituality AT ALL, my family weren't into it, I was the only one who was going through this initiation - but the universe is always kind. It connected me with an incredible support to go through this stage with me - my beloved twin flame Aeythen. I ‘came out’ openly, on Facebook, to all of my corporate friends. I thought – this can be a painful, lengthy experience, or I can get it all done in one go! So I wrote a post and said:

“My name is now Ariella Indigo. I am a Starseed. I’m leaving my corporate job and I’m going travelling around Central America, and I’m going to be part of the new breed of Humans that is responsible for ushering in the New Era – the Age of Aquarius.”

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You can image the response – they thought I’d gone CRAZY!! But actually, as I tell my private clients – if you’re not at the stage where people in your reality are thinking that you have gone completely crazy because you’re coming up with things which (to them) are totally incredible – then you’re not STRETCHING far enough. You’re not on the bridge. Because that’s another massive hallmark of the bridge. You have already programmed the people in your reality at a Soul level, to give you the reflection of “This is crazy” “You’ve gone too far” “You need to turn back to safety” – it’s actually a GOOD sign when people in your reality think you’ve gone nuts! Obviously there are limits to that, but I hope you get my point.

You’re asked to remove these identities, these masks that you’ve previously been wearing, whatever that is for you. It will be different types of masks – for some, it could be a mask you’ve been wearing to hide sexual shame – so people ‘coming out’ as gay or bisexual for example, that’s like a MASSIVE part of EMBRACING your true essence, and this can also happen while you’re crossing the bridge. Whatever it is that you’ve been holding on to, that you secretly don’t want other people to know about you – that’s what’s going to be asked for you to reveal as you cross the bridge.

And for some this stage can be a real challenge – but you have to be prepared to let go of what you had before, so that you can create space for you to truly embody your higher Divinity.

If you feel resistance, I would ask you to look within and have an honest conversation with yourself about what are the things, and even identities, that you can sometimes cling onto? It could be things like – being a mum – being a mum is awesome – but it’s not ALL of who you are, and some people can HIDE behind being an identity, whether it’s being a mum, being in corporate, being a girlfriend – all of those sorts of labels. Ask yourself – what identities am I holding onto? What are my blocks? What are my fears? What could be sabotaging you from really taking that LEAP of FAITH, committing to your path, and CROSSING that bridge – so you can enjoy the incredible gifts and talents that are unlocked when we fully activate and embody our highest selves.

Much love,

Ariella xx

Have you taken the leap and removed your masks yet? Share your stories in the comments below - I love to hear from my beautiful Multidimensional Community! <3

If you have some time to sit back, relax, and watch a video where you can learn more on this topic, you might like to check out my latest Facebook live, where I shared IN DEPTH on the 4-5 bridge (including my own experiences and how I managed to cross the bridge myself!). Watch it here!!

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