How to attract what your heart desires - Understanding The Universal 3 Year


Recently I shared a blog with you about the fundamentals of Sacred Numerology, how to work out your personal year number and what that means for you. If you don’t already know about Sacred Numerology, it is the metaphysical study of the relationship that numbers and letters have with our personality and key life events. Through Sacred Numerology we can understand ourselves at a far deeper level and detect key cycles and energy patterns occurring in our lives.

(Read the full blog to learn about the fundamentals of Sacred Numerology here).

Today, here in the Northern Hemisphere, we come towards the end of summer and our thoughts begin to turn to what we have achieved so far this year, and the goals we are still yet to complete, I thought it would be fun to share with you a bit about the universal energies we are experiencing collectively. How these energies have already been playing out so far in 2019, and what we can expect to see in terms of the dominant energetic vibrations we are all going to be experiencing through to the end of the year.

Because when we know which dominant vibrations we’re working with, and which energies are currently affecting us most strongly in our reality, we can use this knowledge to our advantage - to come into greater alignment and flow.

2019 is a very important year for our planet. We are moving on from the 2 universal year energy, which was the universal year energy we saw in 2018, into a new energetic vibration – the energetic vibration of universal year number 3.

How to calculate the universal year:
Add the numbers of the relevant year together and then reduce down to a single digit i.e.
2+0+1+9 = 12
1+2 =3

3 is all about creative expression, soul expansion, and new ideas. We’ve moved away from the partnership and relationship heavy focus of the year 2 energy, into the extremely creative and expressive energy of the 3. 

The universal year energy vibration has a massive effect on us all. We all feel the effect of it and coupled with our personal year energy vibration - which you can also read about in my previous blog on Sacred Numerology, here - these two energies have the most significant impact on our lives and are what drive both our inner and outer experiences of the particular year.

So, what does a universal year 3 mean to the world?

The themes you are likely to see (and indeed, you may have already noticed) playing out both across the globe and within your own life are as follows:

  • Creative expression

  • Soul expansion,

  • Looking good & being seen,

  • Being social,

  • Exploring and expressing inner emotions.

In a 3 universal year, we are beginning to expand, to express ourselves and our Soul urges more fully. Building on the lessons we learned around our relationships and partnerships in the universal year 2 energy, we can begin to push out on our own and explore how our Soul is most wishing to express itself now.

On a planetary level, it will be interesting to see how the universal 3 energy continues to play out, as it is really pushing us to explore, understand and begin to Create that which is going to truly make us happy. The 3 energy asks us to define what we really want – something which can seem deceptively simple but in reality, is usually much more complex. What do we really want on a collective level? As humans, what kind of species do we want to be?

The number 3 is also a ‘teenager’ energy (you might recognise some of these questions as things you wondered personally during your own teenage years!) – having mastered the masculine energy of 1 and feminine energy of 2, we are now integrating those lessons and trying to find balance and wholeness within ourselves.


As well as creativity, the number 3 is strongly associated with communication of all kinds because of the connection to expression. 3 pushes us to speak our truth, to overcome any shyness or difficulties in expressing our emotions and to allow ourselves to fully communicate our true selves into the world.  

This is a year that will likely see a lot of outspoken truth sharing from the collective as we work through this energy, letting go of false masks and old identities which are no longer serving us individually or collectively, and speaking out about who we really are, and what we really want to create in the world. 

It is a great year to focus on bringing out – and communicating - our true, authentic selves. The universal 3 year energy will support us in exploring our self-expression, creativity, and authentic voice.

Throughout 2019, the planet has been, and will continue to, move through powerful creative cycles which we can use to help power our soul exploration and inner work. If we resist these energies, we are likely to find ourselves pushed to express and communicate our authentic selves anywhere that we are not currently doing so.

My tips for what you can do for the rest of this universal 3 year to help you align with the energy forces and use the dominant energies currently playing out in our reality to your advantage:

Ariella and aeythen laughing.keep.jpg
  • Invest in yourself: your dreams and ambitions, the things which are going to bring you JOY – the things which make your Soul SING

  • Express yourself emotionally. Make a conscious effort to get more in touch with who you are at a deep level and how you feel inside

  • Take a leadership course

  • Work through any shyness or urges to hide your true self away behind a mask - joining an acting school, doing some kind of performance arts, or taking a public speaking class are all excellent options

  • Enjoy and make the most out of the supportive energies for self-exploration and expression by using this year as an opportunity to make sure you are fully in touch - and aligned with - your Soul’s deepest desires

Universal monthly energy predictions

In the same way that universal years go around in cycles of 9, as do the universal calendar months we are in too. This is with the exception of if a master number is found which are 11, 22 & 33. If this is the case, then you don’t reduce it down to a single digit (see August below).

How to calculate the energy vibration of the universal month:

Add the number of the calendar month to the number of the universal year and then reduce down to a single digit. i.e.

January 2019: 1 + 3 = 4
July 2019: 7 + 3 = 10. 1 + 0 = 1.
December 2019: 12 + 3 = 15. 1 + 5 = 6.

Here are the universal energy vibrations for the 12 calendar months of 2019, with some guidelines for each for the energy forces which you may have already noticed, or which are likely to be at play for us all collectively this year:

January was a 4 universal month
Summary: Hard work, discipline, organisation

February was a 5 universal month
Summary: Change, freedom, sex, travel

March was a 6 universal month
Summary: Responsibility, obligations, love, relationships, finances, business

April was a 7 universal month
Summary: Spirituality, introspection, intuition, the unconscious, study

May was a 8 universal month
Summary: Money (good or bad), reward, business, karma, personal power and power struggles

June was a 9 universal month
Summary: Completion, release, sacrifice, compassion, humanity, loss/rich reward

July was a 1 universal month
Summary: Fresh start, look for new opportunities, be courageous and self-sufficient.

August was a 11/2 universal month
Summary: World service, divine inspiration, humanitarian pursuits, inspirational teaching vibration, spirituality and psychic abilities. (It’s also recommended that you read the month 2 description for a full understanding of the 11 vibration).

3 WEB.png

September is a 3 universal month
Summary: Self expression, new ideas, looking good, social, friendly, inner emotions. As we are currently in a universal 3 year, the energies this month will be even stronger and more potent, and therefore we can use them to our advantage even more easily and to greater impact if we work alongside them.

October is a 4 universal month
Summary: Hard work, discipline, organisation

November is a 5 universal month
Summary: Change, freedom, sex, travel

December is a 6 universal month
Summary: Responsibility, obligations, love, relationships, finances, business

I’d love to hear from you in the comments on how you’ve been experiencing the universal year 3 energies, as well as the universal monthly energies too – how have you seen these playing out in your reality? Let me know in the comments below!

Don’t forget, you can read more about Sacred Numerology, including how to calculate your personal year number and what that means, over in my earlier blog post here.

I hope this information on Sacred Numerology supports you in understanding how the different energetic vibrations we’re experiencing, both collectively and personally, can be used to help you as you continue to move forward on your Ascension journey.  

As always, leave a comment below to connect and let me know anything that’s opened up for you after reading this blog. Please feel free to share on social media and within your communities to help others on their Soul Evolution paths. We are here to ascend and thrive together!

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Sending so much love,

Ariella Indigo aka “The Oracle”

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