Coming Out Of The MULTIdimensional Closet


Dear MULTIdimensional HUman,

I'm beyond excited to share a major breakthrough I've recently had with you! My dad finally accepted (and even verbally defended!) my reality these past 3.5 years, since I came to understand myself as a star seed & MULTIdimensional HUman. This is HUGE!!

I wanted to share this with you to give you inspiration that ANYTHING really IS possible in your multidimensional journey and to encourage you to be as authentic and free about who you are in the world.

When I went through my multidimensional awakening 3.5 years ago and discovered I was a star seed, I consciously made the decision to be honest about it and tell my close family and friends about where I was at. Why did I choose to do that? Because just prior to coming out of the multidimensional closet, I'd recently liberated myself from a load of old limiting belief patterns which had resulted in me HIDING my true essence and conforming to what I believed society wanted me to be.

When I was younger I'd made myself seriously ill trying to 'fit in' and had wounded up with various 'mental health' labels (all inaccurate - I'm a big time empath - end of) and after rock bottoming BIG time, I went into addiction recovery at the age of 29. After years of being on a dedicated healing journey, cleaning up my act and re-claiming my power to the degree that I was no longer prepared to pretend to be someone I wasn't, and hide behind socially acceptable masks, there was no way in hell I was going to abandon myself when I went through my multidimensional awakening! Uh uh. No fricking way. I'd already paid the price of doing that when I was younger and wasn't about to do the same thing again (but from a different perspective)!

So I told everyone in my life who truly mattered to me at that time. I told them honestly that I wasn't of human origin, that I was a star seed and I shared with them some of the supernatural experiences that were happening to me during that period of my life: the alien visitations, the strange languages I could speak that I had no conscious recollection of, the clairvoyant visions, the many downloads and psychic messages that dropped in, the 1111's which kept appearing on my TV screen and in many other places during my day, the electricity in my flat flickering off and on, off an on.... all of it. I shared with them that I was changing my name because I was creating alchemy in my life by using an incredible esoteric Hebrew system I'd connected with. Like I say, I shared honestly with those who truly mattered in my life at that time what I was experiencing.

Some of them stayed with me, some of them didn't. I trusted that those who were meant to stay in my life would do and let go of the one's where I could feel the energy had shifted. A couple of the losses broke my heart. My best friend at the time had become very political, she was on her own transitional journey. Our newly blossoming (and opposing) beliefs weren't firmly established enough at the time for our love for each other to overcome the division. So sadly we separated on unpleasant terms. My dad and I didn't speak for about 18 months. It was mostly my decision. He didn't believe what I was experiencing and thought I'd gone crazy. It was just so far out of his version of reality that he wasn't able to support me. He just saw his daughter who up until that point had worked as a successful 6 figure business manager in corporate, who was now giving away all her worldly possessions and was now living in a caravan giving psychic readings!  My brother and I have only recently started speaking again after a long 3 year break...

Coming out of the multidimensional closet is not easy for your human aspect. It will test your relationships and push you (hopefully past) your limits. The thing I held onto the most which got me through this part of the process, was my FAITH in what my soul was creating. I knew deep in my heart that the people around me were playing roles in my divine play according to what I needed for my highest good at that time.

 Who would be my biggest opposer? My dear old dad.

Who would break my heart? My beloved best friend.

Who would I project my rejection onto? My courageous brother.

Who would surprise me by their fierce loyalty? My beautiful mum who I never thought understood me...

Who would be my strength? My eternal twin flame Aeythen. 

I sat in a restaurant a couple of weeks ago having a family meal with my dad, step mum, Aeythen and Aeythen's mum and her partner. It was the first time our parents have met, even though we've been together for 4.5 years. Certainly a reflection of how strained my relationships had become. I overheard a conversation between my dad and Aeythen's mum which went something like this (it was sweet music to my ears):

Aeythen's mum to my dad: Are you spiritual?

My dad to Aeythen's mum: No not at all! I was brought up as a Jehovah Witness and it scarred me...

Aeythen's mum to my dad: I love them both dearly but I just don't get what they (referring to Aeythen and I) mean? Is it real?

My dad to Aeythen's mum: I don't get it either, but I do know one thing: my daughter is totally HONEST. If she says this is what she's experiencing then it's what she's experiencing. Black is black in this case and white is white. She'll say it as she sees it and I respect her for that. I admit that I thought she'd gone crazy, but now I've seen some of what she's created, I know without doubt that this is her TRUTH. And I have never seen her so passionate about ANYTHING before in her entire life. 


The cool thing is that I'd actually let go of the need for approval from those around me... but when it happened quite naturally, 3.5 years after my activation, it sure was nice to receive it :)))

I hope my story inspires you to know that the people who are meant to stay in your life and who truly love you will come back to you. It may take a few months, a few years or even a decade or few! But trust that if they are meant to then they will when the time is right. If not, then sadly it wasn't meant to be. That's why it's so important to cherish the time we do have together. You never know when it may end... (in the physical sense only of course).

I'd love to hear from you in the comments section below if you have 'come out of the multidimensional closet' and what people's reactions were to YOU. Or if you are afraid to and are resisting speaking your truth. Or perhaps you told one person and got a negative reaction from them so you stopped shining your light so brightly. Whatever the case, then share with me below so we can support, grow and REVEAL ourselves together <3

Much Love, Freedom & Authenticity to you,

Ariella x



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