Do You Struggle With Empathic Sensitivity When Flying?


Dear Spiritual Warrior,

As a Multidimensional Human, have you ever had the experience of your empathic sensitivities going into overwhelm when you travel?! ESPECIALLY when flying?!

Flying on aeroplanes is something I've been struggling BIG TIME with for the past 20+ years!! It's probably my number 1 biggest challenge in life in terms of the fear, trauma and anxiety it brings up.  I absolutely LOVE exploring different cultures and lands and hate that my terror of flying puts such a dark cloud over my travel plans :(((

Plus, now that my mission & service work has taken off, I have the incredible opportunity to travel globally & help the Multidimensional Human community to flourish and thrive with the gifts I've been given to share with others by Spirit. The internet is INCREDIBLE, but there's something very sacred & special about being in THE PHYSICAL together too - and as a starseed who's rapidly (re-)going through the ascension process, I know I need to be as EMBODIED as possible to bring these high frequencies through, which involves anchoring them down into the Earth Plane.

I've tried pretty much EVERYTHING over the years to be able to travel: breathing techniques, grounding, matras, CBT, NLP, inner child work, journaling, hypnotherapy, past life regression therapy, breaking contracts, matrix re-programming, visualisation, self love techniques, energy management & protection, essential oils, boundary tapping, EFT, rescue remedy, crystals, diazepam, alcohol, prayer, meditation, ear plugs, head scarfs, affirmations, distraction... I even FLEW a Boeing 747 simulator once!! But despite all I've invested so far, I've yet to get a significant breakthrough, and the really interesting thing is that I've manifested SIX times this year to travel long haul!!!!! Thank you Soul!!! :p

You see for me (and as a super sensitive/starseed/empath perhaps you can identify, or are the same), it's not actually the fear of the plane crashing which is the issue for me... it's more of a SPACIAL & BOUNDARY thing (think claustrophobia/agoraphobia on an LSD trip), combined with feeling totally overwhelmed by the intensity of my emotions, racing thoughts (which I find very difficult to control) and EVERYBODY ELSE'S energy on the plane too!! It's like all the tools I've learnt over the years which usually help me in pretty much every other situation, suddenly don't work anymore and I feel powerless, totally codependent (I have to have a flying partner these days otherwise I can't get on the plane), SEPARATE and disconnected from Source... :((

I know I'm not alone in feeling like this, especially in the starseed community (seriously, flying in planes is so frikking 3D & HUMAN! Where are the teleports, the vortexes, the instant de-materalising and re-materalising?!?!). So I decided to share my journey with you, especially over the next 6 months in 2018, when I'll be flying at least 3 more times (!), to let you in on where I'm at with this this challenge, and to share with you what I'm COMMITTED TO, so that I can keep pushing out, LETTING GO and don't let this fear of flying limit my freedom, the impact of my service mission and sense of inner happiness & joy. 

Because the first half of my journey in this lifetime was so dark and intense at times (much of the intensity was to do with EMBODYING THE PHYSICAL & PROCESSING EMOTIONS which are not natural to me as a starseed, and learning how to protect my body & boundaries from negative entities and other types of intrusive energy so I can be of service as a clear channel), the thing I've discovered is that it's NOT about backing down from your challenges and staying in your comfort zone. Instead, it's about facing your dragons, getting the right kind of support, having an excellent strategy in place and UPLEVELLING YOUR APPROACH, so you allow yourself to be divinely STRETCHED, so you can reach the pot of gold instead.

From experience of facing (and conquering) MANY 'dragons' over the past 40 years I've been in this particular vessel, I know that hidden beneath all challenges are actually the most magnificent GIFTS. These precious gifts of gold get activated when we work through our blocks and become part of our sacred wisdom & abilities that we then get to pass onto the world so others can benefit too. The greater the challenge or resistance, the greater the gift is! 

So as I go through this intense rite of passage of being stretched by my higher divinity so I can travel, I commit to being vulnerable with you about where I'm at and to share with you the breakthroughs AND breakdowns I go through. I'll shoot some videos and share them on email and on my Facebook page (which you can access below). I have no desire to add to the already huge amount of INauthenticity I see in the spiritual community which exists between teachers and students. We're all evolving TOGETHER, some areas are just quicker than others <3

I'm back in the UK now for 4 weeks before I travel to the States again for a leadership course I'm attending out there, the flight home was actually pretty good (apart from the take off which I found challenging whilst acclimatising), so I'm just observing the build up to my next flight and being as self loving as I can, whilst CELEBRATING what I've already achieved this year (6 flights of 11 hours each!!).

Here's to busting THROUGH our fears, accessing the GIFT and stepping up into our GREATNESS! 

Huge love and hugs, 


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