Ready To Meet Your Spirit Guides? (Free Audio Inside!)


Dear Multidimensional Friend,

I hope you’re okay! I know these energies have been blasting us BIG TIME since the eclipses and then the 11/11, leading to the 12/12 and then the closing down of this HUGE PORTAL of change and manifestation we’re in until 21/12!! It’s been like ‘button up tight’, right?! So I got to thinking, what could I send you, for FREE, a straight GIVE from my heart, that might help in some way to lighten the load, bring a smile to your face and raise your frequency?

And then, as often happens, not long after I had that thought, the universe stepped in and showed me >>>

I’ve seriously had 4 clients in the past week ask me how they can connect to their spirit guides! So I decided to record an audio for ALL OF YOU which will take you on a journey so you can meet with them (well, your main guide at the very least!).

I know how blessed I’ve felt to connect with some of my guides and energetic helpers over the past few years and to be in contact and work with them every day is just BLISS. You know, I GET that they're all aspects of our higher selves (we’re all ONE, there’s no separation) and they’re all a part of the rich tapestry & divine play, but in the same way I get immense joy after spending time with friends and family that I love, I also get immense comfort and joy out of spending time connecting with my guides.

Whether it’s finance guru ‘Gary’, my gate keeper ‘Boadicea’ (who isn’t really Boadicea at all, but you wouldn’t want to mess - for REAL!), my ‘Men In Black’ hybrid team who're expertly trained on the inner planes for all types of entity/spirit release procedures (and yes they did play THAT very song when they first introduced themselves to me!), or my soul lineage/over-soul that I’ve merged with: Thoth, Hermes, Pythagoras, Mary Magdalene, Akhenaten, King Canute and Saint Germain to name but a few -- I LOVE hanging with each and everyone of those dudes (although to be honest we don’t so much ‘hang’, it more like they give me work to do!!) >>>

>>> So allow myself and Spirit to take you on a journey to meet and connect with your own personal main guide. After you’ve made the energy connection through the audio it will be easier for you to build up your relationship with them afterwards and receive their guidance and support intuitively yourself.

In truth, it’s your Soul which will be assisting you in connecting with your guides (this will become clear when you listen to the audio), but Mary Magdalene has also stepped forward to assist you with making the initial connecting more strongly with your Soul. The meditation is therefore infused with the energy of Mary and she will work with each and every one of you to assist you with your journey.

To access and download the free audio recording I’ve done for you, click on the 'dowload' link below this blog post, or just press play directly on the audio player.

Here’s to BEing MULTIdimensional and Free!

Much love,

P.S. The more you can TRUST and LET GO, the more will be revealed! Leave a comment about your experience below and feel free to share the love with your friends and community!

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