How To Strengthen The Connection With Your Soul


Dear Multidimensional Soul Tribe,

I'm writing this blog post from my caravan whilst myself, my soul mate Aeythen and our dog Indi have come away on an Arthurian legend adventure to Cornwall, UK. I'll share more about our trip a little later with you, but the reason it's connected with this blog post, is because we're talking about what's good for your SOUL and how to strengthen your connection to it and taking this short break away after the busyness of The Multidimensional Human Experience global summit, has allowed me some time to get back outside in nature, which is helping to re-set me and tune into my wise inner voice and guidance.

Our soul is guiding us everyday, whispering in our ear, filling our hearts with lightness, heaviness, excitement, sadness and whatever else it wants to convey to us. Because it can feel subtle, often we mistake these impulses and feelings as 'just us' , not realising that this is the way our soul communicates to us and it's coming from a higher dimension of existence.

Our soul is the same as our 'Higher Self'. Both terms are interchangeable. It can be confusing as different people refer to 'the Soul' using different labels. To read about the seven subtle energy bodies which lay outside or physical body and where your Soul resides, then please refer to my blog post "Multidimensional Mind Set: Thoughts Ideas & Creativity".

Meditation is a great way to quieten the mind and commune with the Soul. It doesn't have to be through 'formal' meditation (although this definitely helps to settle the mind). Some of my clearest messages have come through whilst I'm walking in nature, washing the dishes, driving my car, or even watching TV! This is because it's easy to slip into an alpha brainwave state when you're doing these activities, which is a light form of hypnotherapy. You're still totally in control but your consciousness has shifted slightly into 'another room', so you're on 'autopilot' as it were and this is often when our Soul speaks to us and guides us forwards.

To help you strengthen your connection to your Soul, I've prepared a short 17 minute mediation for you to do at home, or somewhere quiet (NOT whilst driving your car!), so you can hear, sense, see or feel the messages your soul wishes to communicate to you:

I hope you enjoy it x

So here's just a few pictures from our trip to Camelot (Cornwall, UK). We're so enjoying soaking up the myth, magick and of course the energy of this beautiful place :)

I'm posting plenty more photos and videos of our trip on my Facebook page which you can access by clicking here.

Sending love and blessings to you and your Soul,

Ariella x

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