Multidimensional Mindset: Thoughts, Ideas & Creativity

Dear Multidimensional Human,

I'm writing this blog post to you whilst still being in the powerful energies of the Gemini Super New Moon we just had last night. Because Gemini is an air sign very and therefore very much linked with our thoughts and ideas, it has inspired me to share with you today a little of what I know about the mental plane and the subtle bodies which make up our multidimensional experience.

The mental plane is the 3rd subtle layer of your aura and part of the seven major planes of reality upon which all human beings function. 

On the mental plane, all thoughts and ideas have their own independent frequency and depending on the frequency with which we ourselves are vibrating at any given time, depends on which strata of the mental plane we are tuning into and therefore which thoughts and ideas we attract.  When stuck in a loop of negative thoughts, we are tuned into a lower strata and when feeling rushes of joy and creativity, we are tuning into the higher stratas.

The Seven Subtle ‘Bodies’ Found Around the Physical Body (within your Aura):

1.    The Physical Body (The ‘3D’ material/physical reality, where your physical body is). The Etheric Body sits just outside of the physical body and is an exact replica of it - it is has a blueish/grey tint to it and is what is seen by Kirlian photography).

2.    The Astral Body (Where emotions and desires are collected and held.  This body is most active within our sleep states, where we are ‘purging’ our daily emotions).

3.    The Mental Body (Where thoughts and ideas are stored.  Your own personal mental body is highly influenced by the collective mental body of humanity - otherwise known as ‘the mental plane’).

4.    The Causal Body (Otherwise known as the soul.  This is the higher body of the physical body and it also acts as the bridge between the 3 lower and 3 higher bodies).

5.    The Buddhic Body (This is the higher body of the astral body.  It is the ‘spiritual emotional plane’ and is where a person will feel feelings such as bliss and spiritual ecstasy.  Once somebody has become enlightened, or reaches a certain stage in their awareness/evolution of consciousness, then the causal body dissolves into the buddhic body which signifies the end of physical reincarnation).

6.    The Atmic Body (This is the higher body to the mental body.  It is the ‘spiritual mental plane’ and allows a person access to higher consciousness which is outside of physical incarnation.  This is the level of Christ Consciousness).

7.    The Monadic Body (This is not really a ‘body’ as such as it is essentially source consciousness.  It is the source of consciousness for all the other levels of our experience: physical, astral, etheric mental, causal, buddhic and atmic).

This is why we are all truly multidimensional beings.  We exist on 7 major planes of existence, not just the physical!

So taking our focus back to thoughts, ideas and creativity which as you can see is strongly associated with our 3rd and 6th subtle bodies (mental and atmic), this then explains why we feel SO GOOD when we are being creative as we are in fact tuning into the higher frequency stratas of the 3rd mental plane. 

On rare and deeply spiritual occasions, we may even touch upon the higher 6th atmic plane too.  Imagine the creativity that would come from that!!

The coming of yesterdays Gemini super new moon represents a new cycle and a golden opportunity for us to all BE EXTRA MINDFUL about the thoughts that we are thinking, knowing that we are indeed creating our realities with our thoughts, words, desires and beliefs.

Here is an exercise you can do to help you shift your mindset into a positive one in order to really capitalise on the cosmic energies currently at play:

Sit down with a pen and paper (or your computer/laptop/mobile phone) and first write down one or two words (i.e 'great', 'easy', 'hard', 'ugly', 'beautiful' etc) to describe what you CURRENTLY think about the following:

  • Your body
  • Your life
  • Your work
  • Your social life
  • Your home situation
  • Your love life
  • Your health

NEXT, I want you to think about how you would IDEALLY like to feel about the same seven subject areas above. Now write down one or two words which represent your ideal for each seven subjects.

LASTLY, for the next 9 days (9 being the number of completion), I'd like you to ONLY use the IDEAL WORDS you've written down to THINK about yourself, but use them in the PRESENT TENSE, like you ALREADY THINK THIS WAY ABOUT YOURSELF.


If your ideal way to see your love life is "passionate" or "thriving", then each day over the next 9 days think to yourself (and say out loud to yourself or others - go on, create the opportunity!) "MY LOVE LIFE IS.... THRIVING!" Or, "I FEEL SO GRATEFUL THAT... MY LOVE LIFE IS SOOOO PASSIONATE!"

Do this for the next 9 days and stay conscious about any shifts WITHIN YOU AND IN YOUR EXTERNAL REALITY. 

Hey, you may feel a little crazy, but what have you got to lose?! TRY IT! Be willing to allow the magic to happen.

After 9 days you should have broken down your old negative thought patterns about yourself sufficiently, so that you can now choose your new empowered ways of thinking, and continue to keep applying this new mindset in your life!

Are you ready to TRANSORM and accept your 9 day 'Mindset Shift' Challenge?

If so, then drop me a comment below to let me know how you are getting on and if you have any questions! I always answer every one!

The current cosmic climate supports you. NOW is the perfect time to do it!

Sending you huge blessings and much inner transformation. <3

Ariella Indigo

Mystic, Soul Mentor & Catalyst

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