FREE Soul Purpose Readings! FB Live Stream, Thursday 15th June @ 8pm BST

Dear Fellow Adventurer,

I'm excited to announce that I'm giving away FREE Soul Purpose readings LIVE via my Facebook page on Thursday 15th June @ 8pm BST!  Please make a note of the date and time in your diary so you don't miss out on me giving you a helping hand to discover your highest destiny!

I work with an ancient Hebrew system which decodes your birth name into sound frequencies to reveal the underlying energies of creation which are responsible for programming your matrix and creating your reality. 

I'm offering free taster readings for those who wish to join me live on my Facebook page and all you need to do in order to receive a reading is to type in your FULL BIRTH NAME into the comments box. If you have a specific question you would like to have answered then you can type this in too, but otherwise you can leave it open and see what wants to be revealed to you!

Here's some of the areas that a Soul Purpose reading will illuminate for you:

  • Your early life and later life challenges (a selection of unresolved past life/karmic issues that the soul has bought into this lifetime. You are to take responsibility for them and transform them into positive qualities and gifts of gold you are to bring into your life).

  • Your early life and later life Talents (These are the set of active or latent talent abilities that are to be bought up into consciousness. The talent energies act as a fulcrum to push through and transmute the challenge elements into your greatest gifts.)

  • Your early life and later life Goals (These are like the dreams you have for your life, the underlying drive within you that gets you out of bed in the morning – in short, what you really live for).

  • Your overall Soul Destiny (The meaning of your life, why you came to Earth in the first place. This is the answer to the big question you have been asking yourself at some level of your being your entire life).

For more information about the Hebrew system I use, then you can read my blog post which goes into more detail about it by clicking here.

  • Do you need some help in understanding your true purpose here on Earth?

  • Want to lift the lid off a particular challenge you're experiencing to gain deeper insight into what the lesson is, so that you can become more conscious of it and move on?

  • Want to know what your greatest gifts are so that you can confidently lead with this talent in your life?

Whatever your reason is for wanting a free taster reading, I encourage you to allow me to support you and help align you with your soul's calling in 2017.  

It may just change your life!  I know it did for me.

Looking forward to meeting you live on my Facebook Page on Thursday 15th June @ 8pm BST

In love & service,

Ariella x

Mystic, Mentor & Catalyst

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