How Having a Human Body Can Really Suck, But Why It's So Important To Worship It

Dear Spiritual Beings Having a Human Experience,

This week I wanted to write about the human body from a star seed's perspective, because I know that many spiritual souls, empaths and starseeds often struggle with being in a physical, human body, especially whilst living in a body obsessed society that does not honour and recognise our spiritual essence.

We often feel trapped and limited by our cumbersome bodies that seem to have a mind all of their own and this can lead to a kind of claustrophobic feeling whereby it brings up anxious feelings of not being able to escape ourselves and feel free, like we are used to in the non physical, light-body planes of existence that many of us know in our hearts is our true 'home'.

Many of us come from higher dimensional places where we are accustomed to be able to simply send out a thought of what we would like our bodies to look like and we instantly manifest these wishes. Some of us don't actually have bodies at all, we are pure consciousness, roaming spacious and free, without the limitations of time, space and physical form. This being the case, for some of us, being here on the Earth plane and having a physical body can feel very alien indeed.

It is therefore easy for some of us sensitive souls to experience a genuine disconnect with our bodies which then leads to neglect of our physical forms because of our high frequency natures. We tend to feel more at home in the higher chakras and very often prefer to run mental projections about how we feel instead of being present in our bodies and processing emotions in our lower chakras.

Excessive intake of food, alcohol and drugs can all become ways of coping with the density of the earth plane, numbing our sensitivities and this feeling of 'being different somehow', that we carry around inside us. We prefer to 'stuff down our emotions' to escape the inner void and the disturbing, vague, un-nerving feeling of being trapped in our bodies and here on Earth...

Many sensitives, star seeds and empaths harbour suicidal feelings and often fantasise about 'going home'. Some do actually commit this desperately sad act as they just can't bare to be here anymore and have such a sensitive nature in a society which is so... insensitive.

In a 3rd dimensional planet which is so OBSESSED with how our body 'should' look and imposes many rigid and quite frankly UN-EVOLVED classifications about what is and what isn't a fashionable body shape, it can be all too much for us sensitives, star seeds and empaths. Often it leads us to feel very insecure and ashamed about our bodies, which is a great shame in itself as one of the reasons why we chose to come here in the first place was to experience being in a human vessel! So instead of enjoying the sensory delights available to us, we often fall victim of societies unhealthy body models and regret our choice to come here and wish we could go back home instead. 

This is a very real problem and one that can easily lead to depression, anxiety and even suicide.

So what can we do about this? How can we look after ourselves and learn to worship our bodies and improve our self worth in a society that seems bent on shaming us? Worse still, how can we empower ourselves as star seeds, sensitives and empaths in a society that still doesn't accept our uniqueness and wants to throw us all into either the same category OR give us reductive labels that only seek to further dis-empower us?

Here are 7 tips I have learnt that help to keep me grateful for my body:

1) Give yourself a higher reason of WHY TO LOVE YOUR BODY. If you are like me and hate society's pressure for us to look a certain way and dress a certain way, then it's totally cool (and understandable) to rebel, but you need to find a higher reason of why it'll help you to love and look after your body. Sometimes simply having the awareness that you have chosen to experience being in a physical human body can help, and so now that you have one, it's worth while looking after it so you can experience the many sensory pleasures and joys it can bring to you too.

2) Mix with other sensitives, empaths and star seeds. Has anyone else noticed that we are in a minority here on Earth?! People talk about not separating ourselves and being divisive, which I agree with in many ways, but I don't know about you, but there is safety in numbers?!?! Look at the incredible traction gay people and black people have been able to make in society by sticking together - there are safety and POWER in numbers! Personally, being honest, when I turn on my TV set I'm like, 'no I don't relate to you, I am not like you...', it can make you feel very, very lonely. This is why you need to FIND YOUR TRIBE. It will help you to feel more at home. Thanks to social media there are many amazing online groups that us sensitives can join and share about how we are feeling nowadays. I started up my own FB tribe which is called 'Star Children of The Revolution' and you can join it for free by clicking here.  Please also like and follow the growing community on my personal Facebook Page where I share lots of free tips, information and teachings with all types of energy sensitive people.

3) Spend plenty of time in nature. Turn off your TV set, put down your mobile phone or tablet and go out for a walk! All sensitives and empaths are nourished and 'charged up' by spending time out in nature. It will help you to re-set and re-balance yourself which has the knock on effect of improving your self worth.

4) Find an eating plan and exercise plan that works for YOU. We are all made so very differently and there are so many different plans out there that it gets ridiculously overwhelming and confusing! Empower yourself by finding out what specific 'type' you are and then eat and move according to what your body loves the most. I have personally found Paul Chek's 'How to Eat, Move and be Healthy' book to be an absolute godsend in terms of helping me to understand how to care for my body type. A link to his book on Amazon is below:

5) LOVE YOURSELF AND BE KIND TO YOURSELF. Try not to compare your body type and the way you look with others. (I know this is REALLY hard, but try to celebrate your own uniqueness, instead of criticise yourself for it).

6) Understand that your body, the same as everything else on the physical plane, is not supposed to stay STATIC. We all go in CYCLES and our bodies are no different. This is why at certain points in your cycle you gain more fat or get more skinny. TRUST that your body knows exactly what it is doing and if you find you are putting on weight (and are not overeating/abusing your body), then there is a good reason for that, and often it will be linked to where you are on your spiritual awakening path or because of a healing process you are going through. The weight will come off again after you have completed this important process, the best thing you can do it to love yourself and nourish yourself with the foods your body loves whilst you go through these important changes.

7) As a Numerologist and Soul Purpose Reader, I have a lot of knowledge about patterns, cycles and esoteric systems which decode our soul blueprint. What I can share with you is that if you strongly resonate with the number EIGHT (either as your life path number, personality number, personal year, or in your Soul Purpose profile), then it is highly likely that you will have issues around weight in this lifetime and are here to learn to love your body.

To find out whether you have an EIGHT in your Soul Purpose profile, then please go to my website and click to download your FREE profile:

If YOU are an energy sensitive person and are struggling to find some peace and to develop a healthy relationship with your body, then please know that you are not alone. There are many hundreds of thousands of us on this planet who feel similarly to you and myself, along with many others truly understand how hard it can be to function and feel you are a part of a society that mostly rejects your uniqueness. There is always help and support available if you just reach out and ask.

Please remember that YOU ARE ENOUGH, exactly the way you currently are and that you are very much loved by your guides, the angels, your star families and the divine.

I hope this message reaches those who it is meant to reach and helps in some small way for you to know that you are not alone and are very much loved.


Sending you my love always,

Ariella <3 x

Mystic, Mentor & Catalyst

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