Soul Purpose

Do you know what your Soul Purpose is?

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate” - Carl Jung

What is a Soul Purpose reading?

Your soul purpose contains the details of what we chose to play out in this lifetime for the highest possibility of growth and expansion as is available to us for our soul's evolution.

It is key to understanding why we get locked into patterns of behaviour and the same lessons are presented to us time and time again. Becoming aware of what the main lessons are that we have agreed to work through during this lifetime, is the first step to being able to break free of them and transmute our weaknesses into our greatest strengths.

When we are born a veil of amnesia came down and we forget who we are and what we came here to be. We are challenged to find our way through this dense vibration, maze of a world without a map of where we are headed. 'Trial and error' becomes our chief navigator and mantra. A Soul Purpose Reading acts as a spiritual life-map to help guide us through the fog of amnesia and towards the most powerful potential we came here to achieve.

How does a Soul Purpose Reading work?

We look at the fundamental aspect of who you are by taking the sonic vibration of your full birth name as our 'code'. This is because your birth name is no coincidence and is your unique identifier. Many believe that it is the incarnating aspect of the Divine (the soul) that actually choose your name and telepathically transmit this to your parents. The sound vibration of your name along with the accompanying cultural, geographical, biological and astrological conditions are what initiates the process of individuation for us all.

Modern science has concluded that our world is created and composed of vibration and light (everything is made of energy). This includes sound and language. 


Your Name Reveals all

Frank Alper (a prolific and highly respected Atlantean channeller) channelled this work through in the 1980's. The Soul Purpose reading has it's roots in ancient Hebrew Gemetria, the Kabbalah, numerology, the Light Language and Egyptian mythology.

Through this incredible system much can be decoded about why it is that you have chosen to be incarnated, including:

  • Your early life and later life challenges (a selection of unresolved past life/karmic issues that the soul has bought into this lifetime to create the negative context in your life. You are to become conscious of these, take ownership of them and transform them into positive qualities, gifts of service or gold you are to bring into your life).

  • Your early life and later life Talents (These are the set of active or latent talent abilities within your ego personality that are to be bought up into consciousness and polished by working through the challenge issues that are activated from the moment you are born. The talent energies act as a fulcrum to push through and transmute the challenge elements into your greatest gifts. As the talents get stronger through time by working through the challenge issues, they allow you to start working towards manifesting your goals.

  • Your early life and later life Goals (These are like the dreams you have for your life, the underlying drive within you that gets you out of bed in the morning – in short, what you really live for).

  • Your overall Soul Destiny (The sum total of all six aspects of the earlier and later life energies produces the Soul Destiny or Life Purpose – the meaning of your life, why you came to Earth in the first place. This is the answer to the big question you have been asking yourself at some level of your being your entire life).


The Soul Purpose Decoding Process

In order to decode your name to reveal your personal mission, I work with the Star of Creation (known in the West as the Star of David). 

Based on the concept that each letter of our English alphabet possesses a numerical value, the Soul Purpose Reading is a system of assigning a number value and calculating the equivalence of letters, words or phrases into the Hebrew alphabet which contains 22 letters.

These 22 Hebrew letters have been decoded by the Sefer Yetzirah (see note below) to reveal mystical energy vibrations and meanings which are not only seen in all creation, but as each human is a mini universe ourselves, the 22 vibrations or frequencies, can also been seen in ourselves. It is these 22 frequencies that we look at in your Soul Purpose reading to see how they play out.  Much depends on where the frequencies are positioned in your chart, the relationship they have with the other frequencies and any given dominance of vibration which may be apparent.

Note: The Sefer Yetzirah is one of the oldest, most obscure and mystical texts influencing many Western esotericists, kabbalists and alchemists. It presents a creation theory and crucially to our Soul Purpose reading – the corresponding letter sounds which relate to the different aspects that make up material existence and the polarities of the everyday world.


How much does a reading cost and how can I book my reading?

Please GO HERE to make a booking and view the prices.

All of my readings are just as effective via Skype or telephone in case you do not wish to travel to see me personally to receive your reading.


With blessings and love,

Ariella Indigo, Mystic, Mentor & Catalyst


Client Testimonials:

"Today goes down as one of the best and most important days of my life - THANK YOU Ariella!!!" - Sharon, Thailand

A huge thank you to Ariella Indigo for the amazing Soul Purpose results. I was just beginning to find my way onto my true soul path but still had many doubts. To have confirmation from you with such astounding accuracy and insight left me feeling relieved, hopeful and so excited about what lies ahead with many ‘ah ha’ moments in between. If anyone has doubts like I did or is completely lost and needs confirmation of where life is headed, what lessons must be learned to gain insight and knowledge of why, how and what you are going through right now then I can’t recommend the Soul Purpose reading enough. Ariella’s professionalism, dedicated and impressive knowledge of the system she uses and her warm hearted approach just adds magic to the whole experience. Give your soul a much needed loving hand and get a reading. I’m so glad I did. Thank you Ariella <3”
– Alison, London, UK

"My reading with Ariella was absolutely amazing!  I told her my worries before the reading and she put them to ease even before the actual reading.  I connected with her and felt very comfortable while she was telling me her story which was no nice and relaxing to know where she was coming from and definitely allowed me to connect with her on a soul level.  During and after the reading she made sure that if I had any questions she answered right away.  She went above and beyond what I ever could of imagined.  The reading was spot on perfect!  It gave me insight into different aspects of my life and how to better handle ups and downs.  I feel like a completely different person.  So much was made clear.  Immediately after the reading I felt lighter and happier.  The days following the reading I was so happy and clear!  I love everything about this reading and hope to continue working with Ariella!  If you're contemplating a reading with her just go with your intuition!  She is amazing!  Even over Skype she radiates love and light from her soul!  Thank you Ariella!!" -  Brittany, USA.

How I came about Ariella Indigo and her Soul Purpose Readings, was a connection through an old school friend who had a impromptu reading from her. Now the thing is, I reconnected with this friend of mine only this year (we have known each other for over 20 years!) - without a doubt it was a sign, serendipity, fate, destiny. Before I knew it, I had booked a session with this mysterious, inspiring individual. My reading was literally enlightening! Plenty of ah-yes moments, a bucket load of confirmations, ending with a direct Yes-LOVE that!, can't wait to get on with it. I've never experienced a reading like it. Who would of thought, you can know your Highest True Potential - the answers to those niggling life questions and the big WHY you are here. For those of you who need a better understanding of yourself, on a much deeper level, this is for you.  Ariella has a WONDERFUL way of making you feel so grounded throughout your reading and explains the in's and out's of your life in a matter of fact way. No flowery words here, just you, her and life as 'they' know it.  Thank you beautiful - thank you for facilitating this huge change in my life - thank you for inspiring me, what a gift! -  Sharron, Bali

I've had the tremendous pleasure of having a reading from Ariella and it proved to be incredibly interesting and insightful. Her passionate and knowledgeable delivery provided many confirmations for events that happened in the past and things to look out for in the future. Challenges and Talents are equally addressed and I received some very interesting answers for many of my big questions. I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in their life's purpose and wants to know more about themselves and their higher being.  Thank you Ariella, you are doing a wonderful service to the people of this world and I hope many more souls will find their way to you, so you'll be able to help them with your tremendous gifts and talents as much as you helped me find and re-confirm my own truth. Many Blessings to you! -  Martin, Bali

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