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DIVINE INITIATIONS: How facing our money fears helps us to unlock our higher abundance

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Dear Infinite Divine Creator,

Today I’d like to share with you on the important topic of rites of passage and initiations. A lot of people in the spiritual community talk about wanting to be God-realized, wanting to activate their Divine Gifts and their Higher Purpose, but not necessarily everybody understands that in order to do that, you need to go through your Creator Initiations, your higher initiations which you yourself created before you came here.

Initiations are AMAZING opportunities that we have created for ourselves, to transform the things that have been holding us back. So whether that’s our fears, the illusions, the old patterns or the limiting beliefs that we are carrying - these are the old programmes, the old worn out soul stories - the initiations that we’re setting up for ourselves are a way for us to transmute that old energy into something much higher. Our initiations are the way that we can activate the hidden gold, our gifts, and our higher purpose that we all carry in our Soul Blueprints. The things that only YOU can deliver in the world. How you access them is by actually going through the initiations that you’ve created for yourself at a higher level.

I thought I would talk a little bit about money today, because money is an area where we can really create big initiations for ourselves in order to leave behind the lack programming, the scarcity consciousness, and unlock our higher abundance.

To briefly share my version of this initiation, about 4 years ago now I walked away from a highly paid, 6-figure career working in corporate as a high-flying business manager. I worked for some of the top brands in the world, I was travelling the world, and I was living a luxury London lifestyle. But I didn’t have that passion in my heart for what I was doing. It was just like ticking boxes - turning up to work, putting a mask on, pretending that this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, when inside I was dying of purposelessness. I felt really stuck.

I then went through a huge awakening experience, a huge multidimensional activation which opened me up to the galactic realms. It was an incredible, very supernatural time, and it shifted my mind-set overnight, in terms of who I knew myself to be and what I thought reality was. And even though I’d been experiencing a lot of these supernatural, psychic experiences for as long as I can remember growing up, I’d suppressed it, I chose to believe it wasn’t true. The experiences scared the hell out of me!! Anyway, when I was going through this experience at age 36, it was like, ‘it’s time to wake up now’ and I could no longer deny and pretend to myself that these other types of realities didn’t exist anymore.

So that’s when I left corporate, and I went off travelling for a while. I spent ALL my money, I came back home and I was completely broke. I just had enough money to buy a caravan (or a trailer, for those of you in the US) and I was just holding space for my higher mission to come online. I was going through my own version of an intense money initiation, and we all go through different versions of this initiation. For me it was really around letting go of the illusion of lack, the illusion of scarcity. Even though I’d had a 6-figure salary, I felt imprisoned by it. So I got to walk away from that, and I got to really face my fears around, what will my friends think about me? What will my old business associates think of me? I didn’t have a professional status anymore in society, I wasn’t a business manager anymore. It was time to find out who I REALLY was….


And something that I’d like to share that I think is a key piece for how I went through that transition to be able to unlock my higher abundance – because the trap that I fell into, and I see this SO often in the spiritual community, is thinking that money is a ‘low vibration’. It’s like people are almost ‘too spiritual’ for money. This is a serious and deadly soul-trap.

We are here having a physical experience! Money is a necessity in our physical reality! And when it’s in the hands of someone who’s got an open heart, money is the energy of LOVE.

And I know for many people who are reading this now, that the greatest wish in your heart is for you to be of service, that you want to create an impact, and you want to do something that’s purposeful. You want to help to change the world…

Well here’s the thing, we need money to be able to create that impact in the world.

We’re not going to be able to effect the kind of positive change that I know that we dearly want to effect, the change that’s in our hearts, if we’re not prepared to walk through the old spiritual mind-sets and old paradigm belief patterns that money isn’t spiritual. Money IS spiritual, money is love. Without that, we may as well just go home and not bother! Because the powers on the Earth that DO have the money are going to WIN.

The people who’ve got the money, have got the ability to be able to take a stand, and to be able to change the course of history and impact people’s lives. Isn’t it therefore better that the awakened spiritual community holds this power and ability?

I sponsored someone in my community with £8,000 this year ($10,500). The reason I did that is because around 3 years ago now, when I was living in my caravan, I was at that breakdown point when I was almost going bankrupt and I thought - this is it, I’m going to have to go back to corporate now!! ☹ I had a very little amount of money left on my third and last credit card, I was thousands and thousands of pounds in debt, and I manifested a programme to help me get my spiritually-based business off the ground. But it was going to cost me around £8,000, ($10,500) to be able to buy my way into this programme, and I didn’t have it!!

And it was in that initiation, in THAT moment of stretch when I took that leap of faith and I said YES. I used the last bit of money I had on my credit card to pay for the first month’s programme, and it was like the miracles just started happening. The doors started opening. I got to see how powerful I TRULY was as a Creator being, because I created the perfect initiation AND the perfect situation for myself, where it looked like all doors were closed to me, and then I got to see the solutions I’d created. I got very creative, I got very resourceful and four months after that, I’m was back in a house again, and I’d earned £30,000 or about $42,000!!

So I’ve now sponsored someone in my community, I’ve passed that £8,000 onto them, that the Divine gave me 3 years ago (or that I created), as I was going through my money initiations, I’ve now passed it on to someone else. (It felt SO good!).

So that’s what I wanted to share with you about Initiations. I’m going to do more on this topic because I think this is so important, it’s not just about showing up to an energetic activation and receiving energy. We have to put in the PHYSICAL ACTION, and we have to walk through those fears, follow our higher guidance and walk through the resistance that we are creating as we go through these initiations, so that we can unlock the hidden gems that are on the other side of them!

It was by going through that initiation, finding that £8k and going through, what was for me, a terrifying experience at the time, it was by doing that, that I started to unlock some of my higher gifts. After I went through this Initiation, I started receiving CLEAR guidance on the next stages of my mission.

If it wasn’t, quite frankly, through taking my head out of the stars, and realising that we DO need to have money on the Earth plane to be able to survive, and VALUING that - if it wasn’t for transmuting the ‘I’m too spiritual for money’ limiting belief, and dissolving that money is ‘low vibration’ - if I hadn’t of let that go and left that behind, I would never have been able to accelerate my own Ascension process. I’d have never been able to download the processes and programmes that I’m now working with people!!

We really do have to go through these Initiations and take committed action in the physical plane.

I believe this is the path that ALL of us are asked to go through; our own version of our Creator Initiations which serve to unlock our higher gifts, our higher abundance, our higher happiness, our higher love - all of it.

Sending love & blessings to you while you go through your sacred rites of passages.

Ariella <3

What have been your experiences with initiations? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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