Energy Management & Protection for Empaths

Dear Beautiful Soul,

It has very much been brought to my awareness that many people are struggling right now to ground, balance and protect their energy.  The earth has been bombarded by some very intense solar wind for the past few weeks since the start of 2017, which has been activating our DNA and mutating our genetic frequency.  This is causing all sorts of physical aches and pains and emotional reactions.  In addition to this, a new planetary portal has been opened which is creating some unrest until it integrates and grounds more fully.  So both of these situations, with the added volatile energy currently at play in the collective, brought on by the American Presidential Inauguration, is causing a lot of us to feel energetically challenged at the moment and to experience more headaches, brain fog, nervousness and erratic emotions.  

Please know that this is a short term energy current only and will be passing soon as the '1' planetary energy becomes stronger as we go through into February.  Until the intensity of the energy does lesson, it is well worth considering upping your daily energy management and protection routine.  

From the perspective that most people who will read this are empaths, I felt strongly to share with you some information regarding energy management and protection that I have learnt (the hard way!) and hugely benefited from.

Please know that I say this to you with love and also as somebody who has had the experience of what is feels like to NOT have an energy management/protection routine in place in the past!  I used to stumble through life feeling incredibly anxious and in an emotionally traumatised state for many years until I realised why and then eventually rock bottomed in my late twenties because of it.  Since putting into place a daily routine I have been able to function MUCH, MUCH BETTER in the world and my intuitive/service gifts have had the space to emerge and blossom.  

Does this mean that I am not affected by the global energy?  No, I still very much feel it, but I can COPE with it better now.  It does mean however that I have stopped picking up lower vibrating entities and attachments and that one change alone has literally turned my whole life around!!

Before I go into the tips I have for you and how you can quickly and easily implement them into your routine, the first thing I'd like to share is that WE ARE ALL RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR OWN ENERGY.  This is like the 'ground zero' for us empaths and psychics. If you haven't got this stuff down as NUMERO UNO in your psychic toolbox, then little else will work, because you are not going to be able to sustain your gifts for long enough to make any real impact on fulfilling your purpose. You will literally get consumed and feel totally overwhelmed by your emotional response to external energy (of all sorts) in your environment. Your guides and guardians WILL NOT step in to help you when you are not taking responsibility for your own energy, because as empaths we have volunteered to come here to share our high frequency and gifts with society, but we are also here having a very human experience, which includes mastering our personality selves and our emotions.  So learning to having the appropriate boundaries in places which protects our energy from intrusive or otherwise unbalancing external influences is part of the gig!

Secondly, if you haven't already done so, I'd also advise considering putting into action a DAILY ROUTINE to manage and protect your energy. It doesn't need to take long (2-3 mins is sufficient - which is less than brushing your teeth), but if you don't keep up your energy management practice then you will be opening yourself up to your boundaries becoming weak which will leave you vulnerable for intrusive external energy to come in.

My personal routine is to ground and put my 'bubble up' once in the morning and once at night before I go to sleep. I also ensure that my chakras are fully closed down and my aura pulled in when I need to do stuff like go to the supermarket or be in busy places so I don't get overwhelmed.  As well as attending to my physical body, I also regularly clear the energy and protect my house, car and work space too.  All of these are extensions of your own energy, so will mirror what is happening within your body.  ALL boundaries therefore need to be managed and protected.

If you don't have a routine or if you are unclear on how to manage and protect your energy, then I have included some very useful pointers below which were given to me by my mentor, who is an extremely sensitive and psychic lady and taught me to have a similar excellent daily routine in place as she does. 

We really can become masters of our energy, emotions and our conscious personalities, but not if we don't take responsibility and are expecting our guides and the universe to always have our backs without putting in the work ourselves first.  It has been my experience that once you do have a good energy management routine in place, then you can ask your guides to step in and assist you (which they will), but I can't emphasise enough that it is our duty first and foremost to have this stuff down ourselves ....

Lastly, if you believe you have any entities attached to you (and yes this is a real thing), then you may well find that your energy management routine is not that effective even if you are doing it on a daily basis.  If this is the case and you can't clear the intrusive energy yourself, then I highly suggest that you see a qualified Spirit Release Practitioner in your local area and ask for their assistance in clearing it/them. Having attachments is NOT pleasant (and boy don't I know that from personal experience!) and as empaths it is unfortunately likely that you will be more prone to pick more attachments and intrusive energy up than somebody who is not as sensitive as you are.

As empaths we can sometimes feel quite dis-connected from our bodies and also quite resistant to feeling our emotions (because when we do they feel so overwhelming). This leaves us open to all sorts of stuff jumping in - whether it be entity attachments or thought forms, or other peoples & places energy. You need to take back your SOVEREIGN RIGHT over your body and clearly affirm to the universe that you do not allow any energy to stay within you that is not of your highest interest!  This should be done regularly to reinforce the rule!

All you need is your intention.  Remember, that energy flows where your intention goes ... 

If you have any questions or comments then please let me know on my Facebook Page or below, but in the meantime I hope you get something out of this blog post and the following information on how to put a great energy management and protection routine i place. It is truly an empowering thing for an empath to be on top of managing their energy.

If you don't already follow me on Facebook, then please 'like' my personal page where I share daily tips and advice on what is happening spiritually in the collective; how you can ensure you are ahead of the curve and also interesting articles, videos and blogs of a metaphysical nature.

Much love and blessings to you,
Ariella x

Mystic, Mentor & Catalyst.  Spirit Release Practitioner.  Quantum Healer

Please feel free to share with your communities, but keep this blog post in its entirety and leave all the links/credit as they are!  Thanks!


Energy Management – Grounding & Protection

Grounding Exercises

  • Start first with this universal and simple exercise. Place your feet on the floor, focus on the sensations of your feet and the ground beneath you as you move stretching and flexing your feet and toes. Walk around; stamp your feet if you wish. Engage all your senses. Focus on the ground beneath you, notice how solid it feels and as you take a few slow deep breaths allow the energy to be pulled down through your body. You may feel this or simply set the intention for it to happen. Continue until a feeling of equilibrium returns. It may take a few minutes initially but with practice it can be done seconds.
  • Free any excess energy or emotion down through your body and out through your feet. Words such as ‘release release release’ can be said either to yourself or out loud to aid the process. As well as the feet the energy can be dissipated through the palms of your hands by bringing them down to the ground or earth too. Stamp your feet and slap your palms on the ground until it is all gone.

This exercise can be done anywhere, however when possible it is advisable to go outside be in nature and connect directly with the earth.

Experiment with any or all of the following too, find the ones that you like best and incorporate them into every day life.

  • Pat your limbs down. This links with the meridian channels, it is a very centring exercise. Pat your arms down from shoulder to wrist starting with the left arm and then the right. Next firmly pat the inside of each wrist. Move on to the legs, working again from top to bottom all the while breathing evenly and easily.
  • Clap your hands together remaining mindful of everything you are aware of from the sensations in the hands and arms it creates to the sounds and so forth.
  • Drink a glass of water or a hot drink with a biscuit. Hot food and those associated with the root chakra such as proteins and meat are good for help in grounding.
  • Do some gardening remaining mindful of your actions, feel the earth whilst planting or digging.
  • Cleaning and other physical chores such as decorating can be grounding if you focus on the mindfulness aspect of each task and draw the energy down in to your feet first.
  • Exercise is an excellent way to ground, again remaining mindful. Go for a jog or a long walk in the park or in natural surroundings such as woods or on a beach.
  • When in nature connect with it, lean your back again a tree or if you so wish give it a hug! Use your palms and feet focusing on the feeling of the connectedness with the earth.
  • Simply lie on the ground and feel the connection the entire length of your body.
  • Crystals. Place a grounding crystal by your feet or hold it in your hand asking for grounding assistance from it. Try jet, hematite, smoky quartz or others associated with the root chakra such as onyx or tiger’s eye.
  • Essential oils and incense. Try cedarwood, patchouli, myrrh or musk. To enhance the benefits a blend of oil specifically for grounding may be sprayed in the room or placed directly on the skin.
  • Homeopathic, Bach Flower and offer natural remedies and medicines for grounding.


Energy Protection

Your energy is yours alone, it is your right to determine and allow what can and cannot enter your energy field. Energy Protection is a barrier to intrusive energy it will not prevent or limit your spiritual growth.

The ‘bubble’ method works best if used regularly, I suggest including it in to your daily routine so it is not forgotten -:

  • Sitting or lying down close your eyes and imagine you are in a bubble of light completely surrounding you, comfortably encasing you from head to foot about 2 feet from your body. Visualise and feel that wonderful bubble of light and the security of being within it. Set the intention only positive energy and that for your highest good can permeate the bubble, all energy of lower vibration and that wished or ready to be released can naturally flow out of the bubble at any time. Take a few minutes to really feel yourself within your bubble, enjoy the experience and the sense of tranquil safety it brings. Once the energy is set with the intention you are ready to continue your day.
  • There are numerous protection methods you may wish to investigate, such as incorporating the use of symbols, colours, crystals, oils and sprays and enlisting assistance from light beings such as spirit guides or Archangel Michael. Always take care with your intent whatever the method, it is unnatural to be shut off from energy completely and a free flow still needs to take place for health and well being.
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