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Below is a selection of client testimonials I have received.  Please scroll down to the relevant category you are interested in to read the detail.



Ariella is a modern Mystic, high channel, and an incredibly talented lady indeed.  Her profound knowledge of many different esoteric systems and other healing, scientific and metaphysical realities, enable Ariella to be an incredible teacher, powerful guide and wisdom keeper, bringing through vast knowledge from this and previous lifetimes, and other galaxies.  

 This program, ‘Road to Revelation’, is just that -> An amazing road map to incredible discovery and personal revelation.  The volume of information contained within the program is incredible, and Ariella has shared this profound knowledge in such a way, that it is delivered in easy to understand weekly segments.  Enabling the intrepid explorer to expand their frequency field, through key insights, esoteric knowledge, and align to ones own soul mission.

This program is truly an incredible labour of love, Ariella’s passion for The Soul Purpose System, numerology, the esoteric, and her own learning and experiences, make the magic contained within this program very powerful indeed. This program contains all the tools that one needs to move forward in all areas of life.  A fascinating, illuminating, and empowering program, to enlighten, inspire and transform the path ahead.
— Jasmine Grace Zahara
Road to Revelation is revolutionary!!! I have never come across anything quite like this before and I can honestly say it is changed my world and perception already. I have spent a lot of time on the internet reading articles over the last couple of years and have seen the same content packaged in different forms. This however is new, refreshing and a real door opener into truly transforming my life. The content is written in such a way to not only enthuse me, but laid out easily for me to understand with easy to follow instructions. I feel part of a community who I can share with and gain feedback from so I don’t feel completely alone in my journey. I personally think it is the best spiritual based tool out there to completely transform my life!!
— Natalie Rees
Having the Soul Purpose System Ebook has been such a revelation about who I often thought I was but didn’t know completely and as I get to find out the real depth of who I truly am and reawaken the memory of my soul purpose I couldn’t ask for a better support system. In a world that often makes very little sense to me, let alone finding a group of real people with the same goals, dreams and aspirations as me that I can actually talk to this ‘Road to Revelation’ support group seems the perfect answer. I feel I can be myself and explore my inner worlds in a safe, trusted environment with the expert, supportive and loving energy of Ariella. So glad the Universe has guided me here. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You
— Alison Elizabeth


"Today goes down as one of the best and most important days of my life - THANK YOU Ariella!!!".- Sharon, Thailand

"A huge thank you to Ariella Indigo for the amazing Soul Purpose results. I was just beginning to find my way onto my true soul path but still had many doubts. To have confirmation from you with such astounding accuracy and insight left me feeling relieved, hopeful and so excited about what lies ahead with many ‘ah ha’ moments in between. If anyone has doubts like I did or is completely lost and needs confirmation of where life is headed, what lessons must be learned to gain insight and knowledge of why, how and what you are going through right now then I can’t recommend the Soul Purpose reading enough. Ariella’s professionalism, dedicated and impressive knowledge of the system she uses and her warm hearted approach just adds magic to the whole experience. Give your soul a much needed loving hand and get a reading. I’m so glad I did. Thank you Ariella <3” – Alison, London, UK

"My reading with Ariella was absolutely amazing!  I told her my worries before the reading and she put them to ease even before the actual reading.  I connected with her and felt very comfortable while she was telling me her story which was no nice and relaxing to know where she was coming from and definitely allowed me to connect with her on a soul level.  During and after the reading she made sure that if I had any questions she answered right away.  She went above and beyond what I ever could of imagined.  The reading was spot on perfect!  It gave me insight into different aspects of my life and how to better handle ups and downs.  I feel like a completely different person.  So much was made clear.  Immediately after the reading I felt lighter and happier.  The days following the reading I was so happy and clear!  I love everything about this reading and hope to continue working with Ariella!  If you're contemplating a reading with her just go with your intuition!  She is amazing! Even over Skype she radiates love and light from her soul!  Thank you Ariella!!" - Brittany, USA.

"How I came about Ariella Indigo and her Soul Purpose readings, was a connection through an old school friend who had a impromptu reading from her. Now the thing is, I reconnected with this friend of mine only this year (we have known each other for over 20 years!) - without a doubt it was a sign, serendipity, fate, destiny. Before I knew it, I had booked a session with this mysterious, inspiring individual. My reading was literally enlightening! Plenty of ah-yes moments, a bucket load of confirmations, ending with a direct Yes-LOVE that!, can't wait to get on with it. I've never experienced a reading like it. Who would of thought, you can know your Highest True Potential - the answers to those niggling life questions and the big WHY you are here. For those of you who need a better understanding of yourself, on a much deeper level, this is for you.  Ariella has a WONDERFUL way of making you feel so grounded throughout your reading and explains the in's and out's of your life in a matter of fact way. No flowery words here, just you, her and life as 'they' know it.  Thank you beautiful - thank you for facilitating this huge change in my life - thank you for inspiring me, what a gift!"-  Sharron, Bali

"I've had the tremendous pleasure of having a reading from Ariella and it proved to be incredibly interesting and insightful. Her passionate and knowledgeable delivery provided many confirmations for events that happened in the past and things to look out for in the future. Challenges and Talents are equally addressed and I received some very interesting answers for many of my big questions. I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in their life's purpose and wants to know more about themselves and their higher being.  Thank you Ariella, you are doing a wonderful service to the people of this world and I hope many more souls will find their way to you, so you'll be able to help them with your tremendous gifts and talents as much as you helped me find and re-confirm my own truth. Many Blessings to you!" -  Martin, Bali

personal mentoring

"If Ariella could be described in three words, I would struggle for eternity and beyond as three words would not, and could not, do this woman justice. I'm a 24 year old Indigo graduate and originally came to Ariella for a Soul Purpose Reading to find out more about why I am here and my soul purpose in life. Not the average pursuits of a 24 year old, I'll admit! I discovered so much about myself that day - not only my gifts and talents, but also my challenges and goals that I have chosen on a higher level for this lifetime - and realised on a conscious level that I had so much more to learn from Ariella. Since then, she has taken me under her wing and I am proud to call her my mentor and friend. 

Together, we've been able to push through restricting three-dimensional mindsets and conditioned ways of thinking. I am beginning to connect with my higher self on a level which I didn't know existed, as well as being in touch with my inner child.  I've learned all about how to protect and ground myself and to use the power of the universe to my advantage which is empowering as well as grounding. My life has become geared toward acceptance, love and peace within myself which can only be described as beautiful. I finally feel as though I am listening to myself in a way where I am truly hearing what my soul is telling me. I am recognising my positive qualities and utilising them in such a way that will not only bring out the best in me, but also in the way that I interact with the world. 

Being mentored by Ariella gives me confidence and reassurance in the challenges in life that I face and has allowed me to accept and love every part of myself in the process."
-  Nicola, UK


"Ariella is not the first tarot reader I've been to, but she is, by far, the best. Before, I felt as though the readings given to me were fairly generalised and could have easily applied to most people on the street. This is not true in Ariella's case. She is a highly intuitive, charismatic and considerate individual who is totally genuine in her endeavour to show people the way forward in regards to the question they seek. I have now had many readings from Ariella and the strength and accuracy of her tarot cards only increases each time. She consistently shows wisdom and insight that is relatable and down to earth, and delivers the information in a voice that has resonance, reassurance and depth. Ultimately, Ariella's tarot readings have enabled me to connect with myself on a much higher level: my soul purpose and divine journey through life."

-  Nicola O, UK

"Last night Ariella read my Tarot Cards for me on Skype.  I am believer that with Tarot you need to touch and shuffle the cards yourself in order to get a reading, so I wondered how this would work or even if it would work because of the delivery medium, but I can tell you now it really did! This reading helped to aid me on this Spiritual Journey I am on / my destiny, and even though I didn’t shuffle the cards the methods used worked better than I could have thought, in fact they worked better than the average shuffle and Ariella interpreted my cards telling me everything I had to know around the questions I had, but with way better insight than I or others could have.

Not being there does not take away from how this works, in fact I believe the reading Ariella did for me was better any others I have been to where I sat in front of the reader. She follows her intuition about what you need to know, it’s an organic reading that tells you exactly what you need to know about where you are right now and help with a way forward, it feels fluid and connected to a greater purpose. The messages I received from this reading (what do the Spirits have to tell me) both validated what I knew about where I was and also showed me the direction in which to go, also a few extra things that I wasn’t expecting, which is always nice :)

Ariella has a way of using her intuition and tapping in to your vibrations in order to help you in your journey, she can understand what you need to know with very little information and give an accurate view of where you are and need to be with regards to the subject in hand, if you have a concern about not being there in person please don’t, this Tarot reading was one of the best I have had, and I have had a few in my time.  If you feel you can put your trust anywhere put it here, you won’t regret it."

-  Nicola E UK

quantum healing

"My Quantum Healing experience was incredible.  We wended through past life stories which came and went but the highlight for me was communicating with my higher self, and later my guide.  It was elucidating.  Fascinating.  It answered a lot of questions. Ariella was an excellent guide, leading the way into the depths of my over soul, and back through again.

Afterwards I felt comforted and calm. Since then I have felt an immense healing, and I am far far more open than I was when I arrived. I can highly recommend this particular treatment - it was a profound experience that has opened up my whole world to a new dimension."  Anon, UK


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