16th june (4pm) - 21st june (11am)

Venue address and directions:

42 Acres Retreat Centre, 42 Acres, Holt Road, Witham Friary, Frome, BA11 5HL.

You will need to fly into one of the London airports and then you can catch a fast speed train from Paddington train station in London to Frome. The retreat venue is a 20 minute taxi journey from the train station.

Food & drink:

The chefs on site will providing 3 vegetarian meals for the duration of the retreat. Please send an email to if you have any dietary requirements.


  1. Get really familiar with your BIRTH CERTIFICATE NAME Hebrew Soul Blueprint by reading and re-reading it before the retreat starts. Allow your soul to speak to you and receive the insights which will naturally arise from you reading and contemplating it. You can download your birth name profile and an eBook to explain the results here. Please use the coupon code: DNACalculator

  2. Discover and read up about what PERSONAL year you are currently in according to Pythagorean numerology. Here is a link to a great website which will help you to calculate it and look up the meaning. Understanding what your soul wishes for you to concentrate on in each given year is really important in terms of us getting into the sweet flow of synchronicity.

  3. Because Spirit are doing deep re-coding work with you at a cellular level, they have advised that you increase your water in-take for AT LEAST 7 days before and 6 weeks after the retreat and try to drink only ‘pure’ water. This could be bottled water, filtered water or water that you know comes from a fresh source. This will help with the recalibration of your cells and for the changes to take effect.

  4. Due to the amount and depth of clearing we will be doing together, Ariella recommends you are mindful about your diet over the 6 weeks (in total) that we will be journeying together, as what you put inside your body has a direct correlation to the amount of light you can hold in your field and your ability to raise in frequency. Eating as much organic and raw produce as possible is best and she advises that you don’t drink alcohol or take any recreational drugs for at least 7 days before the retreat. Easing off (or eradicating) sugar and caffeine would be good too.

  5. Please take some time to fill out and return the Client Evaluation Form as it will help both yourself and Ariella to unlock your divine blueprint at a deeper level. Please complete and return this to us by the 31st of May. Here is a link to the client intake form.

  6. Ariella has shared a video with you BELOW which establishes a daily energy management & protection routine which Spirit have asked you to put in practice AT LEAST 3 days before attending the retreat. This will help you to receive & integrate the energy from the activations & clearings when we do them together.


  1. Ariella has requested that if you have a favourite pendulum, that you bring it to the retreat with you. Spare pendulums will be made available to you if needed.

  2. Please buy a fresh notepad or journal to track your progress and write down any significant insights, patterns, breakthroughs and observations. Using your journal as a tool for offloading emotions which may come up is also a very beneficial practice.

  3. Please bring CEREMONIAL STYLE CLOTHING with you. Gowns/robes etc! This will be worn by you on one day of the retreat. This outfit should represent who you are at your essence (be creative)!

  4. For the other days, please wear clothes and shoes that you feel comfortable and relaxed in.

Please watch the following video which is pre-recorded from a live class Ariella taught which explains many beneficial things about energy mastery and will set you up well for the retreat:

In addition to the above, Ariella has also recorded a short audio which includes the 4 steps she explains in the video, so you can follow along with it to begin with, until you find your own flow and pace with the technique:

Please listen to the Retreat Preparation Audio once a day for 7 days before you arrive at the retreat.


Ariella will schedule 3 x follow up sessions with you on Zoom, to be conducted in the first 6 weeks after the retreat ends, so we meet and Ariella can bring through further DNA activations and upgrades. 

Click here to join the Facebook group which has been set up specifically for those attending the Summer Solstice retreat. 

Looking forward to seeing you at the retreat! x

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