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the soul purpose system: the script for your life revealed

Hello!  My name is Ariella Indigo and it's my absolute pleasure and honour to share with you some of the PROFOUND wisdom contained within this incredible system which has its roots in Jewish Mysticism, the sacred Hebrew language, Gematria Numerology and Ancient Egypt.  

The system is called ‘The Soul Purpose System’ and you are invited to look up your profile and download my eBook so that you can see which programming is at play in your reality. This is the first step in illuminating your path and giving you access to the key insights and breakthroughs you've been looking for. 

You are about to discover that your birth name is NO COINCIDENCE as it contains the fundamental programming for your entire blueprint of existence. 

Your Soul Purpose Profile will reveal to you the following:

  • Your Divine Gifts

  • Your earlier life talents, karma & goals

  • Your later life talents, karma & goals

  • Your highest soul destiny in this lifetime

  • The alchemical codes of creation which have been creating your reality

Truly inspiring and a must have if you want to understand yourself at a core level and your personal life map. It’s like having the secret to your own life being laid out in front of you.
— Natalie Rees


After you access the calculator tool which will give you instant access to your profile,  you can then look up each of the numbers found within your profile in my 90+ page eBook to understand your core DNA coding and the blueprint for your soul.

Two example profiles are shown below. One is for a 'long name' (the six pointed star) , which you can see in Marie Susan Jones' profile and one is for a short name (the triangle), which can be seen in Sarah Smith's profile. 

Please note that there are up to 14 different numbers and symbols shown within each person's profile.  Each number and symbol represents a specific alchemical energy of creation and are responsible for creating our entire realities.  For more information on how to access the calculator & eBook, plus how the sound of your name is literally creating your reality, then please keep on reading down the page. >>>




THE sound vibration of your NAME is CREATING YOUR REALITY

The Soul Purpose System works by decoding the sound vibration of your name.  We look primarily at your full birth name, exactly as it appears on your birth certificate. As stated previously, this is because your birth name is no coincidence and along with the culture you were brought up in and the astrological conditions at play when you were born, your name is your unique identifier which was given to you by your soul and telepathically transmitted to your parents. 

There are 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet and in this form of numerology we are using, the system works by assigning a specific number (or value) to the letters found within your full birth name and converts them into the corresponding position in the Hebrew alphabet. These 22 letters are then seen as energies and frequencies and are assigned a specific number.

These 22 energies have been decoded by the incredible mystical text, the Sefer Yetzirah (see note below) to reveal energy vibrations and meanings which are not only seen in all creation, but because each human being is a mini universe in itself, the 22 vibrations or frequencies can also been seen in ourselves. It is these 22 energies that we look at in your profile and how they play out very much depends on where they are positioned in your chart; the relationship they have with the other energies and any given dominance of vibration which may be apparent.

NoteThe Sefer Yetzirah (otherwise known as ‘The Book of Creation’) is one of the oldest, most profound mystical texts on Jewish esotericism influencing the schools of the Kabbalists and Alchemists. It speaks of a creation theory and also describes the mystical meanings of the sounds of the 22 letters of the sacred Hebrew language, of which it says were the original sources of our universe and reality.  



Download your soul purpose profile & digital copy of my ebook

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For just £33 you can have unlimited access to both yours and your loved ones Hebrew Soul Purpose profiles for 30 days, plus you can download my 90+ page eBook to keep forever so you can look up the creation codes found within your profile!

Your Soul Purpose Profile and The Soul Purpose System eBook will reveal to you the following:

  • Your Divine Gifts

  • Your earlier life talents, karma & goals

  • Your later life talents, karma & goals

  • Your highest soul destiny in this lifetime

  • The alchemical codes of creation which have been creating your reality

Click on the blue button below to register your details and make your purchase. You will then have instant access to the calculator and eBook.  

Sending you much love and many blessings on your magical soul purpose mission!

Ariella x

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