Ready to birth the new you INTO EXISTANCE?

This powerful alchemical process works by making a tweak or a change to your name, thereby uploading a whole new blueprint of experiences for you, which are encompassed in the energy frequencies of your new name, in order to transform and enhance your reality. 

Since the start of 2016 Ariella's been helping souls upgrade their DNA templates and shift out of their old shadow programming in the matrix so they can EXPAND into a new higher frequency reality. So how does this work?

>>>By making vital tweaks or changes to people's names so their DNA is re-calibrated with new Hebrew fire letters (Hebrew being a sacred language and the original alchemical building blocks of all creation).

The sound of your name is creating your reality

The sound of your name once decoded into the Hebrew fire letters are responsible for creating your programming and your experience of reality. Every name you use is an extra layer of sound vibration, shifting your frequency and altering the direction of your life path.

Each name you use either helps or hinders your ability to transmute the shadow, activate your talents and align you with your goals. Each name you use has the power to transform your reality in a way that serves you, or in a way that complicates and creates additional obstacles to be overcome.

The concept of a name change can seem quite radical and strange at first but it's worth remembering that it has been used by ancient traditions for a very long time.

A new name would be given by a Rabi or Tribal Elder when someone's life was painful or if they became very ill and it would be considered that they'd been reborn.  The change of name need not be radical. It may just involve a tweak to your existing name, like changing or adding a middle name for example.  But if it feels right to you, then you can also choose to have a complete name change. It's whatever feels right to you. The power for that decision lies entirely in your own hands.  Sonic Name Alchemy sessions are always undertaken from the perspective of creating the perfect frequencies for your chosen path or destiny.


This is how the process works:

  1. There's an initial consultation of 1 hour with Ariella to get really clear on your current programming and soul blueprint so we can understand what the challenges are and what you're wanting to create in your reality. PLEASE NOTE: If you've already had a FULL Soul Purpose reading with Ariella, then this step is not necessary. To book a Full Soul Purpose Reading then please click here.
  2. After the consultation, Ariella will then send you a document outlining the procedure for finding your new name. There's some written work which needs to be completed in order to clearly tell your universe what you now wish to create, but mainly this is a highly intuitive process; the premise being that your soul already has the perfect new name lined up for you which we now just need to 'pull down' together. Your soul will either use YOUR intuitive channel OR Ariella's to give clues as to what this new name is. (I often find it very magical (and amusing) to watch the creative ways in which your guides and the universe starts mirroring signs and signals to you - sometimes sending the most unusual nudges to make the connection happen!)
  3. After sending Ariella your written work, there's then 1 hours preparation for Ariella on her own and then you meet on Skype for an initial 2 hour appointment to birth your new name and DNA template into existence. PLEASE NOTE: To find the new name normally takes between 2-4 hours, but the time taken does vary from person to person.  Often it can happen in just two hours,  but in other cases we may reach the end of the first session and nearly have the right name but not quite.  It's important to be patient with this process.  The new name which has always been inside of you waiting to be born will just appear to you in the perfect moment.  There's no mistaking when it arrives, as it's normally accompanied by a distinct “Aha” moment!

Please note that all Sonic Name Alchemy sessions can be conducted via Skype.


Here's just some of what's possible with your new name:

We can upload new programmes to create...
- More love in your life
- More abundance and wealth
- Better health
- Higher self worth/self esteem
- The activation of spiritual gifts and abilities
- More sovereignty over your energy
- Better leadership skills
- More emotional resiliency
- A more harmonious life experience for you and in your relationships
- A more empowered you
- Greater connection with people around you and with society
- Better communication skills
- More creativity
- Enhancement of your psychic abilities
- A better relationship with your body
- Enhancement of your healing abilities
- Balance of masculine and feminine energies
- Activation of your multidimensional self
- A deep experience of divine love, the divine mother and the Christ consciousness energies


How Long Will It Take For The programming changes to come into effect?

The short answer is that everyone is different. For some the changes can be almost instant, for others it can take a few years for the deeper changes to take place. For most people they tend to see certain shifts happening immediately and then over time gradually the new programming takes effect more and more. It really depends on the individuals light quotient, level of consciousness, how much inner heart work the person is doing and how much personal responsibility is taken for what you are creating in your reality.

What's certainly true is that changing your name will change your frequency and reality, as well as the course of your life and fast-track the alignment of your gifts and mission, but you have to be the one to maintain your new level of frequency and be accountable for your overall soul evolution. Choosing to re-programme your DNA via a Sonic Name Alchemy session is the perfect solution for anyone who's ready to take their mission to the next level and who's committed to the spiritual path.


Do I have to change my name by Deed Poll?

It's advised that you initially 'wear' your new name for a period of time to ensure it's the right fit for you. By changing unofficial documentation i.e emails, Facebook, social media etc and introducing yourself as your new name definitely has a big effect, but after about a year (or much sooner if it feels right), then you may want to consider changing it by deed poll as it will ground the new frequency of your name EVEN FURTHER (and faster) into the unified field and REALLY speed up the alchemical process.


Costs and how to make a booking:

  1. If you haven't already had a FULL Soul Purpose reading with Ariella, then you will EITHER need to do that first OR you can book a 1 hour consultation to discuss what you wish to create in your reality and so Ariella can assess your current soul blueprint and programming. The cost of the 1 hour consultation is £80.
  2. Next, once you decide to go ahead and birth the new you into existence, you'll need to book an initial 2 hour Sonic Name Alchemy session with Ariella to go through the process of discovering your name and bringing that online. The cost of the 2 hour Sonic Name Alchemy session is £250 which includes one hours preparation time by Ariella before you meet. Please note that any subsequent follow up sessions are charged at £80/hour.
  3. There's a further option of booking a 30-45 minute name alignment session after you've birthed your new name which is a powerful ceremony you and Ariella do together to fast-track the activation of your new name and to shift you out of your old matrix and into your new, expanded matrix and DNA template. The cost of this is £45.

If you'd like to make an appointment with Ariella, then please email to set up a convenient date and time.




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