In a world which is so fixated on the external and material, this is an opportunity to turn inwards and find your true joy and happiness, whilst at the same time decoding and unleashing the infinite power and potential you know you are ready to deliver. If you are looking for a quick fix then this is not the programme for you. If however you are looking for guidance and illumination about your soul’s journey, and you have the tenacity to travel through illusion in a way that empowers and sets your heart free, then you have found the right rabbit hole. Welcome home, Spiritual Warrior.
— Ariella Indigo

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road to revelation: The inward epiphany adventure

If you are interested in going on a magical adventure to unlock key insights, revelations and epiphanies about yourself which align you with your highest potential and soul purpose mission, then this is the programme for you.

Road to Revelation is an affordable, easy to consume, annual (online) mentoring programme, which has been designed especially for energy sensitive people to assist them with fulfilling their soul purpose mission and transitioning into their highest possible potential. Ariella is with you every step of the way throughout the programme, sending you weekly emails with a 'content gift' contained within each of them and providing live support and personal mentoring via a secret Facebook group which has been set up specifically for tribe members of Road to Revelation.

This transformational programme facilitates all members to go on a focused spiritual journey over the course of 1 year, supporting them to stay on their paths whilst going deep inside themselves so that they can align with the deep purpose they have come here to deliver. The programme has been set up in such a way that it only requires 45 minutes each week to consume the content, so it can easily be fit around all types of work schedules, no matter how busy the individual is in their life. Should any of the content be missed, then it is stored on a secure online server waiting for the member to access when they are next able to.

Road to Revelation is underpinned by the wisdom found within an ancient esoteric Hebrew system which decodes the sonics of your birth name, to reveal the blueprint of your life purpose mission and the plan for your soul. The system brings together sacred knowledge from Jewish Mysticism, the Hebrew alphabet, Modern Progressive Science and Gematria Numerology, and provides clarity on the subconscious programmes and energetic forces at play, which are responsible for creating your entire reality.  

Road to Revelation is revolutionary!!! I have never come across anything quite like this before and I can honestly say it is changed my world and perception already … I personally think it is the best spiritual based tool out there to completely transform my life!!
— Natalie Rees

HOW WILL road to revelation help me?

Here is what you will access when you sign up to Road to Revelation:

  • A spiritual journey over the course of 1 year, which will enable you to stay aligned with the plan for your soul, no matter how busy you are in this physical world!

  • Specific guidance and support for empaths, star seeds and sensitives to help them to manage their high frequency and deliver upon their soul purpose missions

  • Weekly emails containing various mentoring support, content and revelations where Ariella's sole purpose is to help all energy sensitive people to align with their mission and be a conduit for spirit to work through her throughout this magical and transformational process

  • Access to a secret online tribe whereby Ariella gives live, personalised mentoring support to all members to help them to move past any challenges and step up into their mastery

  • An adventure into the wisdom of The Soul Purpose System to unlock your personal magic and align you with the plan for your soul

  • An introduction to the omnipotent power of the sacred Hebrew alphabet which is an original language of light

  • An introduction to the highly respected and revered 72 Names of God which possess incredible healing powers and the ability to transmute and transform all illusion

  • A deep dive into your relationships, to understand what you are learning and how to transform them into higher harmonious unions

  • How to consciously parent your children using the wisdom of the system and align them with their individual soul missions

  • What your profile says about you professionally and how to set up your business to be an extension of your frequency field and a vehicle to deliver your deep purpose into the world

  • Insights from other amazing systems like Pythagorean numerology, The Law of Attraction and Infinite Possibilities, as well as the latest breakthroughs from modern science which help you to further understand the nature of reality and become Master Alchemists of your destiny

Special Bonus 1:  2017 Numerology Guidebook

Special Bonus 2:  Soul Purpose Relationship Behaviours Report

Special Bonus 3:  Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living Your Dreams Workbook


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Ariella is a modern Mystic, high channel, and an incredibly talented lady indeed.  Her profound knowledge of many different esoteric systems and other healing, scientific and metaphysical realities, enable Ariella to be an incredible teacher, powerful guide and wisdom keeper, bringing through vast knowledge from this and previous lifetimes, and other galaxies.  

 This program, ‘Road to Revelation’, is just that -> An amazing road map to incredible discovery and personal revelation.  The volume of information contained within the program is incredible, and Ariella has shared this profound knowledge in such a way, that it is delivered in easy to understand weekly segments.  Enabling the intrepid explorer to expand their frequency field, through key insights, esoteric knowledge, and align to ones own soul mission.

This program is truly an incredible labour of love, Ariella’s passion for The Soul Purpose System, numerology, the esoteric, and her own learning and experiences, make the magic contained within this program very powerful indeed. This program contains all the tools that one needs to move forward in all areas of life.  A fascinating, illuminating, and empowering program, to enlighten, inspire and transform the path ahead.
— Jasmine Grace Zahara

Road to revelation is fullY BOOKed for 2017, Please check back here for updates concerning 2018's programme