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I have a wealth of experience both as a personal mentor and as a business mentor. I love nothing more than helping others to reach their highest potential in life.  I'm a certified Infinite Possibilities trainer, I have deep knowledge of 3 esoteric systems which enable me to give you laser mentoring on how you can connect with your purpose and evolve into your greatest potential, and I have a proven track record in helping others to go through long lasting, radical transformations.  

In my earlier life, I worked as a successful business manager in top blue chip corporate companies for 16 years, assisting them with building and marketing their brands by ensuring they got the best possible commercial pricing and terms in place.  

Having experienced many challenges in my own life which I have faced and transmuted, I listen to all my mentoring clients with compassion & empathy and give guidance from a place of non judgement.  I bring both my own extensive personal experience of raising in self awareness and transmuting shadow patterns to the table, in addition with the incredible ancient esoteric profiling systems I have studied and worked with for the past few years.  This ensures that we go as deeply as we possibly can in our sessions together so that you get the results you are seeking.  Many clients feel that this style of mentoring helps them to push past blocks much faster than traditional forms of talk therapy as the systems I use help to provide clarity, perspective and really hone in on the areas that are in need of the most personal focus.  I use the wisdom of these systems in both my personal and business mentoring sessions.  Please click here for more information regarding the esoteric systems I work with.

Please read the relevant section(s) below to understand more about my areas of expertise and how I can best support you to reach your individual goals.  

To read a few of my client testimonials, then please click here.

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Personal Mentoring

I have a huge amount of experience in overcoming many personal blockages which held me back in my earlier life from being as happy and fulfilled as I could be.  It is my absolute honour and pleasure to share with you what I have learnt and help you to achieve similar massive transformation in your life too.

I am skilled and experienced in taking people through all different types of transformations, including but not limited to:

  • How you can evolve into your highest potential
  • Accessing your Soul Purpose plan to illuminate the path you are on and help you to connect with your purpose
  • Spiritual awakenings and spiritual emergencies (otherwise known as dark nights of the soul)
  • Moving through trauma
  • Enhancing self worth/self esteem
  • Addictions
  • Relationship issues
  • Love & sex issues
  • Raising in self awareness 
  • Forgiveness
  • Integrating all aspects of who you are and becoming completely authentic
  • Energy management & energy protection
  • Aligning with the cycles of nature
  • Aligning with personal and planetary cycles
  • Connecting more deeply with your intuition & spiritual path 
  • Focussed mentoring for sensitives, empaths, star seeds and all on their awakening paths
  • Understanding and applying manifestation principals and working with the law of attraction
  • Understanding the nature of reality, consciousness, cosmic laws, universal patterns and how science is now backing up what the mystics and ancients have been saying for thousands of years!

Read client testimonials here

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Business Mentoring

"Your Business is an external manifestation of what is going on inside of you and is a conduit for you to carry out your Higher Purpose." - Ariella Indigo

I was a highly successful European and International Business Manager in corporate for 16 years and worked with many top ranking marketing teams assisting them with growing their brands.  My extensive experience in this area, coupled with my knowledge of setting up my own spiritually based business, lends itself perfectly to entrepreneurs, creatives, intuitives and healers who are looking to start, grow or expand their businesses.  In our sessions I work with my knowledge of various highly advanced esoteric systems which help to structure and market your business, plus create a supportive energy flow-through from your own personal soul blueprint, to ensure that your personal and professional objectives are delivered and exceeded. 

I can assist you and your business with:

  • Setting up and structuring your business
  • Building your following
  • Creating & building your brand
  • Internet marketing tips and strategies
  • Choosing the right business, website, product and service names which support your business objectives
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Budgets & forecasting
  • Supplier & partner agreements, pricing and service levels
  • Recruiting the right people in the right roles and building the right team dynamics
  • Building sole trader, limited & partnership businesses
  • Creating advocates and building a following
  • Social Media set up and strategy
  • Overall business strategy

Read client testimonials here

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