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Hello Co-Creator!  Thanks for signing up to my free gift. My name is Ariella Indigo and I’d like to introduce you into the esoteric world of the Hebrew Fire Letters, otherwise known as ‘Creation Codes’ which are the original alchemical building blocks of all material existence.

In 2017, after undergoing many initiations and reaching a stage in the ascension process whereby my soul consciousness has merged back in with my Monad (otherwise called the I AM Presence or spiritual lineage), I was given divine dispensation to be a conduit to channel through the Hebrew creation codes and upload them into people’s soul matrix and DNA template to help them create their hearts desires and manifest their soul’s purpose onto the Earth plane. There are 1000’s of benevolent beings in the collective which now streams into my divine vessel, including some well known Alchemists and Master Geneticists such as Saint Germain, Thoth, Hermes, Moses, Pythagorus and Archimedes. They work through me to perform healings, clearings and re-code people’s DNA and in this free gift you will receive a taster of the work that can be achieved through the activation of Hebrew DNA Code #9: Divine Power (see notes below for a greater understanding of this code).

sound is creative: hebrew is a sacred language of light

From a spiritual perspective, there are two common ancient creation theories which are founded in the bible. The first is based on light and the second is based on sound. In the bible in Genesis it is written, “Let there be Light!”. This is where the notion of light as the manifestation of creative energy in the universe comes from. Others say that it was the sound of God’s spoken word “Let there be Light!” which put into play the creative energies which originally made our reality. Both theories are highly relevant and both are actually accurate, but for the purpose of understanding the Hebrew Fire Letters, I am going to focus on theory number two, which is that SOUND IS CREATIVE and is what creates our reality.

There are 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet and each one is a portal or code into a creative sound frequency. Each one of these letters are encoded into our DNA and are what creates our chief operating system and attractor field, determining what we manifest into our Earthy existence.

These 22 letters have been decoded by the incredible mystical text, the Sefer Yetzirah (see note below) to reveal energy vibrations and meanings which are not only seen in all creation, but because each human being is a mini universe in itself, the 22 vibrations or frequencies can also been seen in ourselves.

NoteThe Sefer Yetzirah (otherwise known as ‘The Book of Creation’) is one of the oldest, most profound mystical texts on Jewish esotericism influencing the schools of the Kabbalists and Alchemists. It speaks of a creation theory and also describes the mystical meanings of the sounds of the 22 letters of the sacred Hebrew language, of which it says were the original sources of our universe and reality.  


look up which hebrew creation codes are responsible for creating your reality in your soul purpose profile

In addition to my free gift which is the upload of Hebrew Creation Code #9 Divine Power into your DNA template for a period of 1 week (permanent upload is a more technical aspect of this work and requires analysis for energetic compatibility first), you also have the option of looking up your Soul Purpose Profile and downloading my 90+ page eBook for a small exchange of £33 to further immerse yourself in how these Hebrew Creation Codes are responsible for creating your reality.

Your Soul Purpose Profile will reveal to you the following:

  • Your Divine Gifts

  • Your earlier life talents, karma & goals

  • Your later life talents, karma & goals

  • Your highest soul destiny in this lifetime

  • The Hebrew Creation Codes which have been creating your reality

To learn more, then please click on the blue button below:

9. Tet - Divine Power.jpg

your free gift: divine power

Summary of DNA Creation Code #9:

Hebrew Fire Letter: Teth

Archetype: The Catalyst

Short Description: This is the most powerful code in the whole of the Hebrew alphabet. Dragon/serpent energy. Extremely catalytic energy, can evoke great change. A highly spiritual and creative energy. This energy is also associated with being the peacemaker.

Energy Category: Spiritual


  • Extremely powerful

  • Great self belief

  • Can help to transmute anything which is not in alignment

  • Highly intuitive – strong trust in inner authority

  • You are basically unstoppable

  • Balanced & stable power (not force)

  • Highly catalytic

  • Peacemakers

  • Conflict resolution skills

  • Very empowering to others

  • Feels very protected by Spirit (guardian angel etc)

  • Make excellent channels & mediums (vocal and/or healing)

  • Very organised

  • Clairaudient (can hear higher guidance and trusts intuition)

  • Claircognizant (clear knowing)

  • Entrepreneurial skills

  • Service oriented

To have Hebrew DNA Code #9 ‘Divine Power’ uploaded into your DNA template for a period of 1 week, then please watch my video below where you will be taken through the process:

Sending you much love and many blessings on your magical soul purpose mission!

Ariella x

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