Hebrew Alchemical Codes Of Creation - 2 Day Mini Weekend Courses



Mini Course 1: 20-21st October (DNA codes 1-7)

Mini Course 2: 10-11th November (DNA codes 8-14)

Mini Course 3: 8-9th December (DNA codes 15-22)

1pm - 7.30pm UK both days (incl. breaks)


Ariella will provide a transmission for each Hebrew alchemical code of creation containing the following:

  • An overview of the qualities & properties of each code

  • How the codes play out when they are in the challenge, talent, goal & soul destiny positions in your profile

  • Recommendations on how to activate the talents & gifts of each code and how transmute the challenges (shadow aspects)

  • The types of careers you would excel at for each code when operating out of the talent frequency

  • An overview of how each code can impact your health

  • Bonus document 1: An overview describing how the codes play out in relationships

  • Bonus document 2: An overview of the typical limiting beliefs associated with each code 

  • Bonus 3: Ariella will be hot seating members of the group to give you mini readings looking at your Soul Purpose profiles 

  • Bonus 4: Download your free Soul Purpose profile & receive a free copy of Ariella's eBook explaining all the Hebrew Alchemical Codes of Creation

  • Bonus 5: At the end of Each of the 2 day mini courses, Ariella will invite you to intuitively choose just 1 of the codes to work with for a period of 1 month (So 3 codes in total if you attend all 3 mini courses), which will then be uploaded into your Soul Matrix & DNA template by her team of divine alchemists to CREATE more of what you want to see in your life (examples: love, money, abundance, psychic gifts, communication skills, improved health etc)


Each mini course can be purchased individually for £222 OR an EARLY BIRD PRICING of £555 if purchasing ALL 3 courses together. 

  • The early bird for the 3 courses runs until Midnight UK Friday 12th October. After this time the price goes up to £666 for all 3.

  • Payment plan: if you pay for the early bird (all 3 courses upfront), then £222 needs to be paid upfront, followed by £222 30 days after, followed by £111 30 days after that. There is no payment plan available for purchasing the courses individually.