Esoteric Systems

Ariella uses all 3 of the following systems in her work with clients, both personally and professionally.  Due to their many layers of illumination and profound wisdom, they can really help to fast track you through your challenges, much more quickly than many forms of traditional therapy and help you to focus in on the areas most in need of your attention.  Below is a description of each system I work with and if you wish, you can read case studies written by some of my clients that they have helped on my testimonials page.

soul purpose.jpg

The Soul Purpose System

This system works with the energies found in all creation which are expressed as sound vibrations originating from the sacred Hebrew alphabet.  It is a form of spiritual numerology and adopts the Gematria technique of decoding the English language into values and then placing these values around the Star of David which represents different aspects of ones own blueprint of existence.  The numbers represent the vibrational energies of creation and can be found in all things in the universe. For more information then please GO HERE.

gene keys.jpg

Gene keys/human design

This incredible system looks at the astrological science of when you were born by pin pointing your date of birth, time of birth and place of birth.  This information is your unique identifier and contains the programming which sits in your DNA and drives your entire existence.  This system feeds the astrological data into the ancient oracle of the I'Ching to reveal to you how you work at a deep level, allowing you to see your path and transmute the shadow into higher frequencies of consciousness.  

I highly recommend purchasing a full Gene Keys reading by the creator of this amazing system, Richard Rudd.  For more details, then please click here.


pythagorean numerology

"All is number" - Pythagoras.

Numbers are energy vibrations which contain the energies of creation and we can use this amazing system channeled by the ancient philosopher, scientist and mystic Pythagoras, to decode your destiny and take a look at where you currently are in your own personal life cycle.  Through numerology, you can forecast the future, make sense of the past, and become much more aware of  your individual transits and goals, so you can come into alignment with your highest potential and true inner nature. Ariella uses this system in her tarot readings and in her personal and business mentoring sessions.

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