Ariella’s initiation & acceleration Programme for New Paradigm Leaders who want to evolve into all that they are and activate their Divine Gifts & Higher Calling

Your Abundance, Sacred Mission, Special Talents & Gifts all come from YOUR SOUL/SOURCE. Everything you need is already contained within your Divine Blueprint.  Ascension is the natural evolutionary process which occurs when you activate your divine coding and take action to embody your Soul’s Essence within the earth plane.




Earth Avatar Ascension Programme - What is it?

This is Ariella’s signature Initiation & Acceleration Programme for New Paradigm Leaders who want to evolve into all that they are and activate their Divine Gifts & Higher Calling

During this 12 month group online programme, Ariella takes you through The Abundant Ascension Formula® which consists of the following 4 steps:

1 – Illumination (This is about remembering who you are and which direction to head in)

2 – Purification (Clearing away the challenges which prevent you from moving forward)

3 – Activation (Activating your gifts, higher purpose & embodying your Soul Essence)

4 – Creation (Creating NEW results, in alignment with your Divine Blueprint & Calling)

One of the most important things for you to understand about Earth Avatar Ascension is that it’s an INTEGRATED and EMBODIED ascension programme - meaning that in addition to the magick - we also work with PHYSICAL structures & strategies so that you can evolve into your highest possible potential. And YES - this does include enlightened BUSINESS PRACTICES, MARKETING & MONEY!
— Ariella Indigo
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Programme content:

  • 3 x 70 minute LIVE group calls per month (£15k value)

  • 1 x 20-minute PRIVATE call per month with one of Ariella’s Ascension Coaches to help keep you on track (£1,200 value)

  • Access to Ariella in the Private Facebook Group (Priceless!!)

  • 1 x LIVE 3-day event in the UK with Ariella (£3,000 value)


    • A minimum of 6 x BONUS CALLS with Guest Speakers (Friends of Ariella’s): Teachers, Business Coaches, Health Coaches, High Performance Coaches, Relationship Coaches, Healers, Ascension Wayshowers (£3,000 value)

    • Tickets to attend The Zone Event – Shanda Sumpters 3-day event in Palm Springs for business mentoring ($1,000 value)

    • An 8 week online course: Message For Millions by Amy Yamada - to help you understand who it is you are here to serve and dial in your messaging so you can attract your tribe (£3,700 value)

TOTAL HIGHER VALUE = £27,000 (See Ariella & Team for your package discount)

What will the first month look like?

When you start, you’ll be taken through a process so you can evaluate where you currently are in your ascension process and how activated your Soul Blueprint is, so you know what to focus on and we understand how best to assist you.

You’ll be asked to make ‘Creation Goals’ for what needs to happen for this to be an incredible 12 months for you. We’ll help you to break these down quarter by quarter so you have a clear plan on what needs to be focused on so you can visibly see new results showing up in your physical reality.

In conjunction with this, Ariella will be taking you through her 4 step Abundant Ascension Formula® process to ensure that what you want to create is in alignment with your Soul Blueprint – so you can ensure that you are in flow with your Higher Calling and highest version of you.

What about the magicK?!

Working with YOUR Higher Self, Healing Team & Ascension Team, Ariella serves as a transformer of energies for Higher Consciousness which work through her to directly activate and reprogramme your DNA template to clear away the blocks and help you to align with your soul gifts & higher mission, whilst accelerating your ascension journey .

In addition to shifting out of OLD programming and creating a NEW DNA template allowing you a whole new set of blueprints and experiences to create from, this empowering programme is ideal for all empaths, star seeds, sensitives and lightworkers who wish to learn how to be the MASTER of their own energy. As modern science (Epigenetics) has proven,  it's what lies outside of our physical bodies, within our subtle energy field, which is responsible for our wealth, health, happiness, body... in fact EVERYTHING in our reality... so learning how to consciously clear, maintain, protect and re-programme your energy with MORE of what you actually WANT, is paramount to maintaining your sense of wellbeing and delivering your highest mission whilst here on Earth. Spirit say it's up to us to take responsibility for our energy. ONLY THEN will they step in and help us (when we ask them to). This is part of what we've come here to learn and is very much part of our mission.

Having sovereignty over your energy is ESSENTIAL for all sensitives who really want to EVOLVE spiritually into their highest possible potential.

“I AM different today, no doubt !
No doubt neither that I’ve crossed Ariella’s path at the exact time when I needed it. To walk the exact part of the path I needed to walk at that moment… softly but firmly, with her loving support, her deep commitment and her genuine, experienced, inspired and enlightened teachings.
I had no specific expectations, but the result is just AMAZING ! So…ALLOW THE MAGIC TO HAPPEN, just TRUST you found Ariella for a good reason that your soul knows !
— Virginie: Graduate member
The programme continues to be life changing on a deep level. Ariella is an incredible teacher and energy facilitator – always inspiring and encouraging her clients as she presents material in an organized and concise format. I treasure her straight forward approach that penetrates the heart with an intense LOVE for her students, the material she is teaching and LIFE in general – a true inspiration!
— Mary: Graduate member

 What is the energy you will be working with?

This is NEW energy, which has never been on Earth before. It comes from way outside our galaxy and is a hybrid energy made up of many different realms: Ascended Master, Mother, Christed E.T. & Angelic. Saint Germain, Thoth & Hermes act as the 'main spokespersons' or 'filters' to step down the energy from the inner planes & Ariella serves as the conduit to bring forth the activations into the physical reality. The energy encompasses ALL dimensions and ALL 12 Rays of Light. It specifically works with the sacred Hebrew language of light to re-code your Soul Purpose Blueprint & DNA programming. Spirit have described it as "the universe working holistically with itself". The energy has it's own wisdom: so you extract from it exactly what your body, mind and soul is most in need of in order to advance in your spiritual evolution.



You can choose to have new codes uploaded to create...
- More love in your life
- More abundance and wealth
- Better health
- Higher self worth/self esteem
- The activation of spiritual gifts and abilities
- More sovereignty over your energy
- Better leadership skills
- More emotional resiliency
- A more harmonious life experience for you and in your relationships
- A more empowered you
- Greater connection with people around you and with society
- Better communication skills
- More creativity
- Enhancement of your psychic abilities
- A better relationship with your body
- Enhancement of your healing abilities
- Balance of masculine and feminine energies
- Activation of your multidimensional self
- A deep experience of divine love, the divine mother and the Christ consciousness energies

This programme has completely changed my life in ways I never thought it could. I am clearing things that I never knew I still held on to. I change the way I deal with situations and people. I am 4 weeks clean of drugs and tobacco and the want for alcohol has just gone too. All the things I masked myself with are going, I’m peeling back the layers to the real me and it feels truly amazing. Parenting has become easier And our lifestyle as a family has changed were eating more healthy and drinking more water and getting out in nature more. Thank you for all the help support And guidance you are giving me!
— Anon: Graduate member
This course truly changed my life, in ways I didn’t even know needed changing. It helped me face and push through so many challenges. I learnt to manage my energy daily which has really helped. I got to work with an amazing group of like minded souls, who feel like family now. We all bounced off each other with support and understanding of each others journey. Ariella is an amazing teacher who makes this journey enjoyable and really helps to support you through this process. Not only is she a teacher but a beautiful soul and a lifetime friend I feel blessed to have done this amazing work with her. Each and every session had been superbly put together. Every week I was left feeling incredibly uplifted, and excited for the next session. This course is one of the best things I have done and I would highly recommend it to any awakening soul.
— Jordan: Graduate member

 If you are hearing the call and are ready to remember who you truly are and to step up into the HIGHEST version of you, then email to register your interest and set up a call to speak with us.

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