On the build up to the powerful Summer Solstice high energy gateway...


ACTIVATE your divine blueprint - so you can step into your creator power and unleash your higher calling into the world!

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CREATION CODE UK RETREAT: 16th June - 21st June 2019

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On the June 2019 Summer Solstice Gateway, you are invited to join Ariella and her Team of Divine Alchemists, Master Geneticists and Ascension Technicians in the magickal location of Frome, Somerset (just outside of Glastonbury, UK). The land is rich with powerful ley lines that we’ll be tapping into as part of this life-changing retreat - this mystical location will provide the ideal environment for our transformational 6 day retreat, in a location of stunning natural beauty.

This is a 6 day immersion that will activate your Soul Blueprint and Divine Creator Power, clearing away the blocks which will enable you to access your unique gifts and connect with your Higher Calling.

Ariella will work with your Soul, Monad, Healing Teams & Ascension Teams, serving as an embodied Catalyst & Transformer of Energies for Higher Consciousness to activate and re-programme your Soul Matrix & DNA template. This will help you to help clear away the blocks and patterns which are creating discordancy in your reality - helping you to re-connect to Source and FULLY ACTIVATE your Soul Blueprint, your Divine Gifts, your Higher Purpose and your Creator Power.

“Everybody’s Soul Mission - their NUMBER ONE MISSION in life - is to ACTIVATE YOUR DIVINE BLUEPRINT. Everything else follows after that - your Divine gifts, your higher abundance, your mission - but you have to activate your Blueprint FIRST.”
— Ariella Indigo

In addition to helping you to shift out of OLD programming, worn out belief patterns and constricting illusions of 3rd dimensional reality, Ariella also works to upgrade your DNA template to help you access the latent gifts and your Higher Purpose that reside there. This empowering 6 day retreat is ideal for any empaths, star seeds, sensitives and lightworkers who are ready to take the next step on their Ascension path, and to learn how to be the MASTER of their own energy. 

“Having sovereignty over your energy is ESSENTIAL for all sensitives who really want to EVOLVE spiritually into their highest possible potential.”
— Ariella Indigo

What is the energy we’ll be working with?

This is NEW energy, which has never been on Earth before. It comes from way outside our galaxy and is a hybrid energy made up of many different realms including Ascended Master, Mother, Christed E.T & Angelic. The energy encompasses ALL dimensions and ALL 12 Rays of Light. It specifically works with the sacred Hebrew language of light to re-code your Soul Blueprint & DNA programming. Spirit have described it as "the universe working holistically with itself". The energy has its own wisdom: so you extract from it exactly what your body, mind and soul is most in need of in order to advance in your spiritual evolution.

In addition, there are a number of Divine Alchemists & Master Geneticists who are part of Ariella's monad (otherwise known as your spiritual lineage or I AM Presence) who will be present throughout the retreat and who will be working closely with us. Some of these energies you will be familiar with already as they are Ascended Masters who previously walked our planet: Saint Germain, Thoth & Hermes to name a few. There will be many other guides, guardian's and helpers present also, depending on the energies of the group, along with a strong Presence from the multidimensional aspects of YOU who are supporting your ascension journey.

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Retreat Content & Structure:

This is a 6 day alchemical immersion, held in the mystical energetic location of Frome, Somerset - just outside of Glastonbury in the UK, On the build up to the powerful Summer Solstice gateway (16th - 21st June 2019).

Ariella will support and guide you through her signature 4 stage Ascension Model, which contains a number of rituals designed to accelerate your ascension process, activate your Blueprint and connect you to your Higher Purpose. Here are the 4 stages of the Ascension Model:

1) Illumination

There are many different strands to this stage, but in essence you have to know who you are, how you are uniquely coded, what your gifts are and how to ACTIVATE them in order to come into alignment with your true purpose in the world. The Illumination process will help you to:

  • Get CLEAR on the type of CREATOR you are, your Divine Gifts, your Mission and what your Creator Initiations are

  • Powerfully manifest what’s truly in your heart - we’ll set the intention for you to see in your PHYSICAL REALITY the POWERFUL new creations you have aligned within the first 6 months of the retreat ending

  • Access your OWN Higher Guidance allowing you to see for yourself what you are creating on your path

  • Understand where you are in your Ascension Journey and what can be cleared so you can advance through any blocks or challenges on your path

2) Purification

Deep energy clearings and healings will purify your vehicle to a state where it can release karma, old belief patterns, attachments, illusions and limitations. We look at clearing patterns in the ancestral line and do deep work within the present life family of origin too. The purification stage will help you to:

  • Clear out any DENSITY, karmic programming, old belief patterns, soul contracts and attachments, so that you can be the MASTER OF YOUR ENERGY

  • Remove any entity attachments from yourself and your ancestral line

  • Release & Heal trauma created by family of origin patterns and experiences

3) Activation

A lot goes on during this stage, but essentially we will be activating the Soul Blueprint so it is fully functional, through both involutionary and evolutionary methods. This will help you to:

  • More easily access your Divine Gifts, and align with your Higher Purpose

  • Speed up your Ascension process - Ariella will also be facilitating and initiating the Soul Merge and Monadic Integration processes where appropriate

  • Activate your OWN intuition so that you can access your own higher guidance more easily and clearly


NEW Creation rituals help us to get clear on how what can be manifested within a time scale of 6 months. Ariella’s Divine Spirit Team work through her to upload the new Creation Codes into people's Soul Matrix to speed up the creation process. This will allow you to:

  • Restore your Soul Blueprint to its original state, before choices were made which took you out of alignment with who you truly are and created blocks you are now dealing with

  • CHOOSE new DNA programming to be uploaded by Ariella and her team as NEW coding into your DNA template, allowing you to CREATE what’s in your heart in the first 6 months after the retreat ends

  • Create NEW realities for yourself, in alignment with your Soul Blueprint, Higher Purpose and Divine Mission

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The June UK Creation Code retreat package includes the following:

  • A 6 day retreat at 42 Acres in Frome, Somerset, UK with Ariella Indigo and a support team of physical and non physical incredible beings!

  • 5 nights accommodation in the beautiful retreat venue of 42 Acres in Frome, Somerset, UK

  • 3 x vegetarian meals per day cooked for you by on site chefs

  • Retreat notes and some high vibe surprises along the way:)


Client video testimonials for Ariella’s creation code retreats:



“The Creation Code retreat is a deeply transformative experience which comes to you when you are truly ready. This is a moment to celebrate, as the sacred rite of passage home to the true you.”
— Ariella Indigo
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