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'Ariella stands for multidimensional humans to deliver their soul purpose missions and evolve spiritually into their highest possible potential'

I'm a star seed and a natural born soul seeker and have always contemplated the big questions in life for as long as I can remember.  From a young age, until present day, I've experienced a lot of so called 'weird' and supernatural things happen both to me and around me.

I was a high flying business manager for large blue chip corporate companies for 16 years before I went through a radical 'shift' in consciousness which catapulted me into a new way of seeing the world and a new mystical service path appeared before me.  

I subsequently immersed myself into an intense study programme and received professional training in a number of different areas (which are listed below).  I am honoured to have received some world class mentoring from highly respected and renowned teachers in the world of mysticism, consciousness raising, healing and personal development.

I opened my own private practice at the start of 2015 and have gained much experience working with many clients helping them to transition into their new awesome lives.


My awakening Journey:  

Like many other thousands of sensitives, empaths and starseeds all around the world, I had no idea for a long time that the symptoms I was experiencing were due to me emerging spiritually from birth and going through the awakening process.  On a few very difficult to handle occasions, my spiritual 'emergence' would topple over into full blown 'spiritual emergency', causing overwhelming sensations and psychic phenomena to occur.  There were many 'dark nights of the soul' and I experienced a lot of anxiety and confusion as to what was happening to me.

In ancient times there would be mystics and shamans found in the villages and tribes, who would assist the other members when they were going through these important types of life transitions.  There are still many cultures outside of western society alive today in the world who honour and practice this style of mentoring.  Instead in today's 'modern world' we favour doctors and psychiatrists to shamans and mystics - and reductive mental health labels along with the downward spiral of ongoing prescription drugs, to being properly informed and supported through this natural and sacred rite of passage.

As somebody who's faced and transmuted many shadows over the past 10 years of being on a devoted self development and spiritual path;  I'm proud to say I've conquered many addictions, destructive patterns and behaviours which at one time were in my 'survival tool kit' when I was struggling to cope with my spiritual emergence.  After I went through this radical 'shift' and left the world of corporate behind, I was shown that there was indeed a good reason for my difficulties early on and that nothing was to be wasted, for I was to use this experience to guide other energy sensitive souls who are ready to transmute their shadows and to transition into their highest possible potential.


My credentials:

  • I'm a conduit for high frequency spiritual energies and higher consciousness to catalyse, heal and give guidance through me
  • I'm a professionally trained and qualified life, spiritual and business mentor, covering a wide variety of areas
  • I have deep knowledge of 3 very profound and wise mystical systems which help people to understand their purpose and give them a roadmap on how to get there.  
  • I'm a fully certified 'Quantum Healer', offering hypnotherapy and past life regression
  • I'm a professionally trained Spirit Release Practitioner, offering empowering and effective spirit release services


My location:  

For the time being I'm living in Glastonbury in the UK, but I very much think of myself as a global citizen and am sure it won't be too far into the distant future until I am travelling once again!


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