On the 7/7 sirius gateway...


A 2 day intensive RETREAT to align with your higher purpose 


there are 12 places available

In this universal MASTER NUMBER 11 year, and on the 7/7 Sirius gateway, you're invited to join Ariella and her team of Divine Alchemists & Master Geneticists at Ariella's home, located just 15 minutes outside the town centre of Glastonbury in the UK, the heart chakra of the earth and the legendary burial home of King Arthur and the Holy Grail.


This is a 2 day alchemical immersion to help lock in the vision of your mission and to clear away the blocks currently preventing you from unleashing your deep purpose into the world.

Working with your Soul, Healing Team & Ascension Team, Ariella serves as a transformer of energies for Higher Consciousness who work through her to activate and reprogramme your DNA template to clear away the blocks and help you to align with your soul gifts & higher mission, whilst accelerating your ascension journey.

In addition to shifting out of OLD programming and upgrading your DNA template to help you access latent gifts, this empowering 2 day intensive is ideal for all empaths, star seeds, sensitives and lightworkers who wish to learn how to be the MASTER of their own energy. 

Having sovereignty over your energy is ESSENTIAL for all sensitives who really want to EVOLVE spiritually into their highest possible potential.


This is NEW energy, which has never been on Earth before. It comes from way outside our galaxy and is a hybrid energy made up of many different realms including Ascended Master, Mother, Christed E.T & Angelic. The energy encompasses ALL dimensions and ALL 12 Rays of Light. It specifically works with the sacred Hebrew language of light to re-code your Soul Purpose Blueprint & DNA programming. Spirit have described it as "the universe working holistically with itself". The energy has it's own wisdom: so you extract from it exactly what your body, mind and soul is most in need of in order to advance in your spiritual evolution.

In addition, there are 3 Divine Alchemists & Master Geneticists who are part of Ariella's spiritual lineage who will be present throughout the workshop and who will be working closely with us: Saint Germain, Thoth & Hermes. There will be many other guides, guardian's and helpers present also, depending on the energies of the group, along with a strong Presence from the star Sirius...


RETREAT Content & Structure:


This is a 2 day intensive retreat held at Ariella's home, just outside of Glastonbury in the UK on 7th & 8th July 2018. In addition to the 2 days, there will be 3 x 1.5 hour Zoom calls scheduled with the group in the first 6 weeks after the workshop ends (dates to be agreed).

Here's some of the content we'll be covering together:

  • Mission Alignment: Ariella will work with you to help you get clearer on your mission and the next steps needed to anchor in your deep purpose into the physical reality
  • A cacao ceremony working with the Cacao Deva to help you get clearer on your vision and to heal & clear out any density from your heart chakra (extremely beneficial for ascending into multidimensional consciousness!)
  • Energy Mastery, Dark Arts Defence & Psychic Self Defence: Ariella will share specific protocols with you which empower you to be the master of your energy, including: learning how to protect and clear YOURSELF (plus your children and pets) from psychic attacks, entity attachments, intrusive energy & dark agendas
  • Energy Clearing Part 1: Working with Divine Source, Master Saint Germain and the new to earth hybrid energy, we clear the following: your multidimensional energy field & aura, your chakras, major bodily organs, any lower vibrational food/alcohol/drugs, in-organic material, astral objects, past life imprints & bleedthrough, lower vibrating thoughts, beliefs and emotions, energetic blocks causing fluctuations in energy, creative blocks and life force energy blocks
  • Energy Clearing Part 2: Working with Divine Source, plus Ariella's entity release team on the inner planes and many other energetic helpers, we check and clear your energy of the following: any entities, ET implants, curses, black magic, negative portals and all other intrusive energy from both yourself and your entire ancestral line also
  • Soul Retrieval: A full soul retrieval is conducted, calling back any soul fragments which may have split off in your various lifetimes, helping you to come into wholeness and increasing your life force energy
  • Clearing of Karma: Working with Master Saint Germain and the new to earth hybrid energy, we clear karmic programming from your current life, past lives, quantum lives and your entire ancestral line
  • Clearing of Vows, Contracts, Deeds & Oaths:  Working with Master Saint Germain and the new to earth hybrid energy,, we clear any unhelpful vows, contracts, deeds or oaths which may be limiting you in this lifetime and across all your quantum lives
  • How To Transmute The Shadow: Ariella will share with you a step by step process to empower you on how to do this from an EVolutionary perspective
  • How YOU Can Break Free of Soul Contracts: Ariella will share with you command codes and declarations so YOU can continue to break free of contracts & be the Master Alchemist of YOUR OWN destiny, long after the 2 day intensive ends!
  • DNA Template Reprogramming: Thoth & Hermes works with your Soul to upgrade your DNA Template to the higher frequencies of all the 22 Hebrew Fire Letter Programmes found within your DNA template, thus enabling you to more easily access the latent gifts & talents which are coded there.



The cost of the retreat is £1,200 payable in full. There are a maximum of 12 places available and will be sold on a first come first served basis. 

 The price includes the following:

  • A 2 day intensive retreat at Ariella's home, just outside of Glastonbury in the UK (9am - 5pm both days)
  • 3 x additional 1.5 hour follow up sessions on Zoom
  • A light lunch on both days plus snacks & drinks
  • Transportation from a central picking up place in Glastonbury Town Centre for the 2 days
  • Shamanic grade cacao for the cacao ceremony (optional)
  • Training notes for you to write on and take away

Please note that the price does NOT include accommodation, breakfast, or evening meals.

Once you have made your booking, Ariella will contact you within 7 days to give you the further details you need.

‘Alchemise My Mission’ is a deeply transformative 2 day intensive which comes to you when you are truly ready. This is a moment to celebrate, as a sacred rite of passage home to the true you!
— Ariella Indigo
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